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Great work!

Super elegant and eye catching. Congratulations!

hi, another guy who can’t change color. I’m in moe options, I locate the rectangle, I change the color of the fill… and nothing happens. Any hint? thanks.

I am trying to make everything much larger as the default 100 is very small. I now I can click the blue number and go above 100 but everything above 100 begins to get blurry as its digitally magnifying not scaling up the vectors

Check the new free update! Lower Thirds are now in 4K so all scaling problems should be resolved.

Do you have one I can import into Final Cut?

Unfortunately, no. But you can use After Effects to export Lower Thirds to any editor.

I’m using CS5 and cannot load it… How can I get it?

This project requires After Effects CS6 or higher. You can find more information about it inside this box:

Do I need After Effects for this to work?

hi, is there is a fast way to find the exact lower third I want once I download it? I am having trouble to find it. thanks.

Are you using After Effects? There is a composition inside every style folder called “Style 0x All”. Inside you can preview all lower thirds animations. Also by double clicking at animation you will be redirected to its composition.

Does this product require plugins?

Amazing Job!

hi.. please help, its difficult to use, and the tutorial is not as easy as it said…

thank you

Sorry to hear that! Can you describe what you are struggling with?

Having issues with this file.

Sorry to hear! Can you describe what kind of issues you have encountered?

Not sure why but when I rendered one of the lower thirds one of the previous names flashes before the ending. Take a look here:

Hi, really enjoying this pack, other than for the fact that 4K exports doesn’t seem to do anything else than upscale low resolution titles. Am I to understand that only some titles are in 4k? Really miss-leading if it is the case

Hey, l’m struggling exporting the lower thirds as MOGRT files from After Effects so l can just replace the text in Premier instead of exporting each time. Please could you help? I’m using the 4k > Style 8 > Version 2 as the example. Thanks


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How to render with transperant background? Thanks

I’m having problems with this file in AE 2020 on Mac. After I open the file and convert it, I start to scrub through the animations and then it freezes after a couple seconds. If I switch to a different composition, the preview window is just black and I can’t edit anything. After that, when I try to close the project, After Effects freezes with the spinning ball of death and I have to kill the app to close it. Unfortunately, the file is completely unusable for me.

Why not just post an updated version? It looks like there are others with this same issue.

Doing it right now! Approval process can take multiple days, If time is not an issue for you, update will be ready in a few days.

(Unfortunately I can’t test updated version on Mac with AE2020. This project supports AE versions up to CC2019, hopefully update will resolve the issue with new versions.)

I see that this file has been updated, but I’m still having problems. Some of the titles seem to cause AE to freeze (requiring a Force Quit) when scrubbing through the timeline. AE also freezes when I try to render a title. I’m using the latest file with AECC2018+ marked on it. I’m using AE 2020 on Mac.


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hello , i am having the same issue as @ryan_kilgore. Im on a mac and also working on AE 2020 and i cant use this pack so far.. please help me out :)

Have you tried starting project through new version of the file? (Named AE 2018+)

I can’t figure out how to get these to not be finalized without a black background. I am using adobe encoder. Inside After effects, my project is on a translucent background, then once I export to the encoder, it’s black. And it is black if I try and use it in premiere pro. Not a happy camper. I have been working on this for days.


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