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Beautiful work!!


Nice! Wish you many sales my friend! ;)


Hey! Just curious if it’s easy to change the speed of the logo reveal fairly easy? I’m pretty novice in AE so If there’s a lot of editing it may not be the best for me. Thanks!

Hello! the project included a video tutorial. in it it shows how to change the speed. If you have any problems, just let me know

what is the frame rate of this template?

25 frames per second, but you can easily change

Why does my logo end up looking so small? Is there a way to make it end up being bigger?

send me please your logo

I just sent it to you, let me know if you get it.

Makcinema Helped me a LOT trying to solve my issues with the assets he provides. I 100% recommend anybody to purchase this, or any other of his products! Quality guaranteed!

Wow! Thanks a lot for this words

can you create that also for apple motion?

Hello! Unfortunately, I do not work in apple motion

So beautiful!!!

Awesome animation!

I love this design and animation, that’s really impressive item, dude! I wish you great sales this week and I’m totally sure you will get it. Keep it up and create more instpiring stuff ;) Cheers and have a nice day :)


Amir :grin:

Thank you! Very nice!