Discussion on Loading Screen

Discussion on Loading Screen

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Scrap this comment. I figured it out.

Impressive work mate, well done!! Wish you more many sales :)

Thank you very much!

Hey, this may be a stupid question, but can I simply replace the background with my own image?

Yes you can.

Just purchased it from you, first off great file. I had one question though.

I was able to delete the old background layer and add my own JPG, could you show me the correct way to get it to fade in and out like the original background did? Or, is there a way to simply add my background to the existing white background layer?

Are you experienced with After Effects? You can just animate the opacity of the background image and that will create the “fade”

unfortunately not, I am highly experienced with Photoshop, so I understand the basics of AE. Can you link me to a tutorial if possible?

my portfolio for reference:

figured it out, thanks anyways!


Is there a way to slow down the bar and keep the text up a bit longer?

Thanks, -M

Yes it’s possible,but requires good knowledge of After Effects and modifying templates.

Boooooooooo, no worries. Thanks for the reply.

I might want to buy this, but the preview isn’t working!

Simple and very cool atmosphere!!!