Discussion on Light Trail Logo

Discussion on Light Trail Logo

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Great work. I am having the exact same issue ChaChaCha did from a year ago with the light trial not fading away. Can you please send me the updated light trial for CDR14.

Thank you!

Hi Justin,

Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with Light Trail Logo. I need to check the file, as I’m pretty certain I had updated the download at the time ChaChaCha had this issue. It may be a different issue. Anyway, I’ll be able to check this all at the weekend (tomorrow). I hope this is okay for you. If not, please send me a message via my profile page.


Hi Justin,

I’ve dug out the file for ChaChaCha. I actually didn’t upload it at the time, because it didn’t correspond to the user guide files, but I have it now, and will include it in the main file. The only thing is, you need to send me a message via my profile page, so that I know where to send the file to.

Let me know.



I’ve just bought your work “Light trip Logo”.

I’m working on C4D R13. But when I open your project, C4D show me this message:

“Plusieurs plugins utilisés dans ce projet sont manquants; L’enregistrement va engendrer la perte des données liées à ces plugins! Module Externe ‘Depth of Field’ (ID 1001400)”

In English: “Several plugins used in this project are missing; The registration will result in the loss of data related to these plugins! Module external ‘Depth of Field’ (ID 1001400)”

This is very annoying for me, because I realize that the brightness of the spleens do more changes until the end of the Timeline.

Please help me!

hi Chachacha

This version of the project was created with the Studio version of Cinema 4D. As you know, Cinema 4D is modular, so you may be missing some parts.

However, I put this project together so that it shouldn’t matter which version you have. I think I put a depth of field setting onto the camera, but it’s not actually vastly important to the overall look that you render with it on.

I don’t have the project in front of me at the moment, but I’ll check it again in the basic version of C4D to make sure there are no other problems. If there are, I’ll get in touch with a solution.

-felt tips

Hi ChaChaCha,

The problem you have is not with the missing depth of field, but the fact that my file which was created in C4D version 12 doesn’t convert properly. I don’t actually have R13, only R14. The problem is that the Sweep Nurbs scale animation doesn’t import correctly.

I can make you an R14 version or I can let you know how to solve the issue yourself. Or I can speak to support and get you a refund. Send me an email via my profile page and we can discuss the options.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi ChaChaCha,

I’ve made you a new version of Light Trail logo in C4D R14 and I’ve also made a version that can be rendered entirely inside After Effects CC. I hope that one of those solutions will work for you with your combination of After Effects and C4D versions.

The only thing is that you have to send me a message via my profile page for me to be able to send it to you!

- felt.

Nice Logo reveal but not worth $20 in my opiion

Hi Sviehweg,

Glad you like it. Envato sets the prices, so I have no control over that side of things, I’m afraid.

Hi There,

I am searching for a video ninja like yourself to help me with ongoing video projects.

I would love to talk with you.

Please chat to me on skype id: SMARTCHOICEWEB

Love your work!


Very easy to use and modify.Thank you, Felt Tips for a great CD4 /AE template

Thanks for the feedback, Tseth. Glad you like it.


I subscribe to Blackwatchstudio. Thank you for detailed information. Good luck.

Very exciting that C4D projects are available now and first available by the most thorough author on the Hive. Thank you so much for the option to view the user guide before purchase, it helps to clear my confusion about what is actually going down with this new breed of project.

Respect to the fullest


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