Discussion on Light Quotes

Discussion on Light Quotes

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Hello, Light Quotes does not work with AE 18.2.0. Is there an update in sight?

Hello, what does the update do?

Sorry, we didn’t make it on time! You can get your money back –

... is an update still in prospect?

Hello Space-Dog! I bought your project. At the opening with AE CC2020 I have a message that says: error expression 1/5. Would you have the project corrected? My address : BIen to you. Roger, Paris-France

If posssible the project with all the elements reunited, that there is no broken links at the opening. By the Wetransfer service it would be simple. Thank you.

once i work on these in ae, how do i bring it into premiere with a transparent background?

Hello! This template not support Premiere Pro

Hi Space-Dog… is there a way to change the amount of rotation? I want to reduce the amount of Y axis rotation. Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for choosing our ae project! Could you please describe your question in detail and send to our e-mail – All their questions please send mail us directly – so we can help you more quickly.

Best Regards! Space-Dog.

Hi Space-Dog. Nice work, but I’m having trouble changing the background color in the Citation (A) 01. I can select a color in the background color effects panel, but it doesn’t update in the composition. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello! Thank you for contacting us. Could you send a short video where there is an error with the color. If the error in this quote is different – they are all the same. Send screenshots or video with an error to our email account –

Love this one. Can the circle be hidden? I’d rather not include a portrait but I can’t seem to get rid of the circle.

Hello postscriptprod! You can hide the circle, you need to disable the portrait in the settings.

How do you extend the “Author” number of characters used? I’m trying to type in two words that are 13 letters long with and after 11 letters the last two letters don’t show up. Can you extend the length of the text box for the author name?

Hello CEG_Dave! Thank you for contacting! We will help you. Write to us the same message and send it to the e-mail – . Attach a screenshot please.

I figured out the problem on that. But I am having trouble changing the background color on the Citation (A) 01, I change the color but it doesn’t change. The background controls work on the other citation’s just not (A) 01

CEG_Dave, please write us an e-mail. In comments to communicate uncomfortable.

is it possible to turn off the quotation elements to be able to use it just for an on screen title?

Hello brandinmotion! :) Yes, you can disable the quotes in this project

Is it possible to have more than 3 quotes. I tried copying the folder but that doesn’t work at all. I mean 3 quotes is useless.

Hello expressmenu ! We apologize for the inconvenience. Say that we can fix in this work so that you become more comfortable with this project? We always go to meet its customers.

none of what you just said made any sense. I literally have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Ok, Could you please describe your question in detail and send to our e-mail – All their questions please send mail us directly – so we can help you more quickly.

Best Regards! Space-Dog.

Hi, do you have a link for the music? thanks

Hello! :) Music from video preview –

Do I have the ability to place a video in the background placeholder?

Yes, you can put the video in the background. To do this, you need to import the video into a project, and then drag it into a composition entitled “Background.” In the control panel, you need to tick the check box to switch the background

Nice template!

Thank you! :)


How do you extend the animation time of the quote? Moving the slider only extends the “remove” time but the animation of the quote stops 8 seconds in. I need the entire clip to last 30 seconds.


Hello! Thank you for your question! After 3 or 4 hours we will publish the video instructions to help you control the duration. Download the video instruction link will be [ ]. (Warning! – link will be available for download after 3 or 4 hours)

Thanks Space-dog, but I would like the entire animation to last 30 seconds—not just the removal/dissolve to extend the clip. In the video, the quote animation lasts 8 seconds, and then stays quote stays static for 20 seconds. I would like to make the entire animation of quote last the entire length (:30). I purchased under different account and can email you purchase serial if you need it. Thanks!

Please email us more about the issue and attach the details confirming your purchase. We are waiting for your letter. Our e-mail –

hey space-dog! how can I extended the animation duration of each Citation?

Hello pulsmachergmbh ! how many seconds you want to extend a one of quotes?

Hello! We hasten to please you! Today we have updated the “Light Quotes”! Now in version 2.4, we have built MARKERS animation, with their help you can control dlitilnost quotes! Please download the new update (v 2.4)

Great work! :) Respect for you! i like fresh idea!

Thank you!

how do you change or get rid of the part that says author… I cant find it anywhere… very frustrated with this template

So i just downloaded the files again and watched the video again and there is no solution to my issue. In your sample video you have Barak Obama, please show me how to change that text where it says author. Please help me… I am very frustrated and if I cant get a solution I will be forced to ask for a refund

Hello! :) Thank you for your patience! We have released update 2.3. In this version we have fixed an issue with the author’s text. We also have added video instructions how to change the text of the author (signature). You can now download and try this version. If you have any questions please write to e-mail –

Hello pdiddy2aop ! We have corrected the error. Please rate our work on the new rating. :)

Wow!! This is so fantastic idea and beautiful project! :):):)

Thank you :)

Very nice work! You added portrait place on quotes – good idea!

Thank you! ;)

Such a well done video!! :)

Thank you for you reply! :)


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