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Well done. Good job.


awesome work!! good luck with sales

Thank you very much :)

Cool work mate :)

Thank you Usmanrafi! ;)

Very nice video! I like it :)

Thank you :)

Beautiful work bro :) wish you many great works and great sales

Thank you very much my friend ;)

Thank you Softmusic! :)

Tasty work! :)

Thank you ;)

really good job, good luck with the sales :)

Thank you Eric! ;)

Very nice work. Great energy and flow :)

Thank you very much Pinkzebra… :)

Great project! 8)

Thank you! :)

question for you, mate: are the foods pictured also customizable? Thanks!

hello. for sure they are.

Thank you! Glad to know that..

Hi ,Can I change the some pictures in the video ?How do I change the text in the video?

Hello. Yes, you are able to change all of pictures in a project. There is a user guide in a archive, but I can customize project for you if you wish.

hello, i have bought this video item 2 days ago but in the downloaded zip there is no video file. Could you please advise? Thanks in advance.

I am sorry to put this comment, but I havent heard from the author of this project since his help was promised (please see the comments above). Almost 2 months ago… So I would like to proceed with the refunding, thank you for understanding.

Hello. I am very sorry, I was busy at work and hornestly then I forgot about your mail. If you still have time, I can customize it tomorrow. And I appologiase for a late answer if you have no.. Envato refunds money after your request

I understand… no prob. Thank you very much for your reply and great customization of the file! Great result! Again, sorry for inconviniences and thanks for understanding! I hope to work together again soon!