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very nice…good luck for good sales

thank you very much ;)

Thanks WebRa ;)

Thank you cloud9communication :)

Nice project.

Thanks yeremia :)

how much to customize it?

want to customize your images and add text and render, or modify the project?

Awesome project. Will it run on AE CS3 or not?

No I’m sorry. It only works on AE CS5 . But if it is a problem for you, you could send me pictures and texts and I can create the movie for you replacing them in the project. Thank you for the purchase :)

Please, rate the video on videohive :)

Very very very nice . I want to buy it but please let me know if I can edit with AEcs4.Is easy to change images and text?

Thank you.

Thanks pacolino. I’m so sorry, but it works only on CS5 . I’m working to create the CS4 version. But, if you want, you can still buy it and sand me your images and text. Then I customize it for you and send it already rendered.

I do not know how to contact you to send you the files. Thank you

Here you can send me an email

Thank you

you’re welcome ;)

Need an answer very quickly: If I buy the project, am I able to use the Hands footage elsewhere?

Great project by the way

If you want to use the hands in projects or works intended for sale, you have to buy the extended license of the project. Take a look more careful to the licenses here:

You really love The Glow,dont you ! :D

Dear author …

I just bought your nice file … but unfortunately it doesn’t work with AECS4 … but I’m happy to read, that you worked on an CS4 version. Is it available already? ... Ohhhh please …...

Best regards … G.

Sorry goldkind, but I have not yet created the CS4 version.. Is specified in the description that is in the information of the object that it only works with cs5. Should always pay attention to it. however, as I did for another user, you may send your files, and I will create the video. I await an answer, thanks for your purchase :)

See you soon


Quick question before I buy, can the “skills” sequence be slow down?

Thank you!

yes it ìs possible but a little difficult to explain.. please contact me via mail :)

I’ve tried using the associated music track both in Wav and MP3 by adding in the file into CS5 .5 but for some reason it doesn’t seem to render the audio track? Why is this? Regards, Daniel

Hi danielm123 and thanks for purchasing :)

When you render make sure you have selected the “audio output”. Looks this image to understand:

Let me know if you have problems again :)

hi .. and great works i want to replace image work.jpg by a video file .mov but he dont work .. also in the tutoriel you dont speak about and in the demo i saw a video in the place of the pics !! please can you explain how to make it work


Hi and thanks for purchasing :) It’s very simple:

- In the “Project” panel, there are the list of the files. - Double click on “work1.jpg” and just select your file .mov (do the same if you want to replace a footege for the others works images) - move the clip imported in order to position it like you prefer: (look this: )

Let me know if now it works :)

Dear author! Will it run on AE CS4 or not?

I’m sorry but it’s only for CS5 and above :( But if you want you can buy it and I’ll customize it for you with a little charge. Contact me via email from my profile page for more information.

Great job!!! (Y) keep it up man!

Thnak you so much mate! :)