Discussion on Instagram Slideshow Pack

Discussion on Instagram Slideshow Pack

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Nice work! Good luck :)

Stylish work!

Nice work! Good luck :)

Great project! I wish constant inspiration! ;)

Great job! :)

Pretty good, congrats on good sales!

Hello there is a bug row 1 property opacity level 6 (“YOUR TITLE”) compasitomn control.syntax.error Unspected toke else ….. this in the first project

This problem is related to the Italian language. Can you switch the program interface to English?

No works with After Effect 2020 the core do always ERROR can you refundable me ?

i done, one by one but always it show error if you need video created you can see all texts is written ERROR ERROR can i have refindable please ?

Yes, of course. You can use refunds button in your account.

i saw you refundable me , thanks

hi, i bought the template with regular licence but i want to upgrade to extended licence, how can i do? can i pay only the difference?

You can purchase Extended License and make refund to Regular License.

hi. I’ve got a question. It’s not possible to change the texts. First I tried to change the texts in the left editing field with the numbers. Then I tried also to disabled the checkbox “Text from source”, chose a render size, and dit it direct in the timeline “Open to edit text” as you explaind. All the texts are written only with “error”. It’s not possible to retype the text. Do you have a solution? I work with Macintosh, After Effects Version CC2020

What language is your program interface in? The script works only in the English version of AE. Can you email me?

OK, I’ll change the language from German to English. Thank you very much for your quick answer. And by the way. You did a great job. Everything perfectly documented, with very good instruction videos. Congratulations.

Thank you, I am glad you enjoy)

Hi I purchased the template but has no audio, where can i find the audio tracks you used?

Did you check Read Me file ?

Yes thanks I found the songs. I just thought they were included with the template :(

Hello I get the message “ERROR” in the texts

I have installed the fonts . What can I do?

Ask for help!

I m making the fast one using the stylish audio, can you tell me in the preview the timestamp where the audio starts

Hello, I cannot modify the PH comp, only Text comp. Can I do it or does the project not allow it ? Thank You

Hello! I’ve tried 2 of the 6 files with great success today but when I use Typography Slideshow it keeps crashing or will not render properly many frames seem to disappear? I’ve tried it from scratch over 5 times, any suggestions?