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Sorry to ask but,How can i make the clips longer

It’s not so easy, but I’ll try to explain ;) 1. Open composition “Scene 1”. 2. In the “Composition” menu, click on “Composition Settings…”(http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1457939553/55602326/11859176.jpg ) and type desired length composition. 3. Open the composition “Photo 1” and increase the length of the composition(paragraph 2). 4. Open the text composition 1. Increase the length of the composition and stretch all layers until the end of the composition 3. Further, click on the icon “Shy” in composition “Scene 1”(http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1457939556/413dc30b/11859178.jpg ) and unlock all layers and stretch them to the end. 4. Click on the layer Null 1. Press “U” on the keyboard and move the keyframe to the desired length(http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1457939556/b57b0d36/11859177.jpg ). 5. In the main composition align compositions as you want.

thank you it worked

You’re welcome :)

why does the hd videos i put in turn blurry

Hi! Try to turn off “Vignette Blur” in effect controls of layer “Settings”

yep that fixed it! thank you!

Don’t mention it ;)

This is Great Project!

Hi, thank you for your terrific project on my track! I added your project to my special collection – https://videohive.net/collections/5661387-videohive-with-amza-music. And placed a banner with your project on my item page and on the main page of my Envato profile. Once again many thanks!

Excellent slideshow! Project is perfect :)

Thank you so much!

Nice slideshow!