Discussion on Ink Memories Parallax Slideshow

Discussion on Ink Memories Parallax Slideshow

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Really tastefully done, artistic. Nice blend of slice, parallax, particle and ink drop FX rolled into one. So many of these projects are merely copycat pieces and cluttered and chaotic (because their producers are not trained graphic artists). It’s nice to see GOOD work once in a while. Best of luck with this project; should sell very well.

Really glad to read this! Thank you so much! It’s very important for me to know it.

Really nice ;) Wish you many sales my friend! ;)

that looks is really good , I like it

Are the colours of the Ink blots changeable or are they embedded mov files? As ideally I’d change them to match the colour palette of my clients brand.

Thanks, are the ink swirls customisable in that one?

you can set color some of them

please help!

as i run the .aep file there are some errors:

1) the .mov files are all corrupted or damaged and they couldn’t work 2) after effect error: zero denominator converting ratio denominators. (17 :: 18)

please help me to solve that or refund me!

I think you need to install quick time codec (that’s why your computer can’t read mov files)

now it works.. :) many thanks!!

Thank you for bought. Please vote this template if you can it’s really important for me.

You are cool. your work is proving it! I wish you prosperity and wonderful clients)

Is the turquoise color customizable?

Yes of course. You can set any color.

The main font didn’t come with the file… what font is it?

In main features you can read that. Selina font

Cool. If I select a different font that is taller than the black boundary area you’ve set in the after effects template… can i adjust that? Now it just cuts off the font on top and bottom when it renders.

If I Buy, is it possible for me to edit the duration, animation speed and adding more placeholders?

You can’t change duration of all project or any scenes . But if you make a few render videos and after that make its solid you can increase duration. You can stretch any scenes but all animation inside it will stretch too