Discussion on Information Graphics

Discussion on Information Graphics

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Hello Thinkingbao, Can you send me the animation files? razo Also, all sliders do not affect the graphics as they are not animates when I want to render the video

Hi,The file has been sent, please check the email

Hi Thinkingbao,

Can you please send me the animation files? Also, All the sliders do nothing to the charts. Am I missing something?

Ok,The file has been sent, please check the email

Very interesting project!

Hi, please can you send animation – Thanks!

Can you please send me the animation files as well? I imagine this is why nothing is moving?

Ok,email has been sent.

Hi, please send animation – Thanks!

Of course, has been sent.Good luck:)

Hi, sorry I forgot to put ”.au” on the end can you please send through to thanks, much appreciated

Ok,email has been sent.

Hello, and excuse mi bad english. I bought the information-graphics files, and it apparently does not work in the las version (cc 2015.3). There are 400 expresion errors. Can you please help me? Mi mail is Thanks a lot,

Of course, has been sent.Good luck:)

I’m sure the problem on the AE software. Do you have any of the translation language or the use of the cracked version? Please use the original AE software in English language.

Thanks! The problem was language, once you change it to english works fine :) Thanks so much for the files, bye!

Hey, hello, please send me animation files,

Of course, has been sent.Good luck:)

Hi There, I seem to be having similar problems as others have had i.e. it converts file when I open it and there is no animation? I’m using CC2015, if that makes a difference? Also can I copy individual charts into an other composition? Thanks

Hi Zygon-mark,please send me your email address.

Hi There,

I am new to this. Just to clarify can u please tell me

How the customization works?

Do  i need any software? or Any other tool to do the customization ?

Do i need anything else apart from buying the video.

Thanks, Logesh

Hi logesh55, Use After Effects CS5 or higher version open the project file, and does not require any third-party plug-ins. Video clips for preview only and not included in the project file.

Thanks for the reply,

I understand,  i need  After Effects.

What i want to know is:

How easy it is to customizes the file ?

I never used After Effects, I am good in Photoshop and i am a web developer.

(What i looking is a simple video with own branding and stats video )

Thanks, logesh

Maybe,customizes the project file is a little difficult if you never used AE .But it is not very difficult, if take time to learn basic AE tutorials?you can easily use this file.

Hi Thinkingbao,

Can you please send me the animation files?

Thank you by advance.


Of course, has been sent.

Hi Thinkingbao,

I can’t see the elements for the individual bars and points in the charts or compositions. Can you send me those files? Otherwise when I go to delete one of the sliders I get this warning:

effect named ‘name’ is missing or does not exist. It may have been renamed, moved, deleted, or the name may have been mistyped.

Cheers, Ashley

Hi Ashmarie6,
Thank you for purchasing “Information Graphics” project.
The template contains only one project file.
Please do not delete any a slider in the “Effects”, because the sliders associated with some of the expressions.
But you can hide or solo some layers.
Good luck..

Hi Thinkingbao,

Can you please send me the animation files?

Also, All the sliders do nothing to the charts. Am I missing something? Using same version of AE 10.0.2.

Thank you

Ok,has been sent.If receive, please reply me.:)
I not encounter this problem about you describe the situation, but you can capture picture through email to me.
You can try the animation files in the attachment.

Good Stuff, but no animation included. Please provide the animation asap. Other way its useless, could have bought a shutterstock still aswell…

Was easier then expected, thanks !

Hi ,please send me your email address.

Thanks for this! Looks great! Two questions: 1. When I open (on a mac with AE CC) it converts the project, and all of the dimensions are slightly off. Anyway to quickly fix it with resizing everything?

2. Could I get a copy of the animation files?

Hey,austingilliam. The template is completed in the win7 system, and the AEP file should be in the normal use of MAC and WIN.The win7 system can correctly display. You can open the template in the other Mac, and I send you the animation files. Good luck.

Thanks a bunch! I reinstalled some fonts, and the bulk of the formatting looks completely normal now.

thinkingbao, really great template just bought it a week ago, but can you please email me the animation files i really need them. my email is

Thanks and keep up the good work

Ok,has been sent.If receive, please reply me.:)

Hi I bought the Infographics file, but only want 1 or 2 Areas on the circle chart, not 4. Is there any way i can delete the tabs on the side on the circle as this ruins the design when not having a circle chart made up of 4 areas, also having a problem when duplicating the compositions, it seems the controls dont work for them. the controls only work for the original comp which is very frustrating when making an animation full of circle charts, if you could give me any guidance on this it would be much abliged, thanks

Hi Arkaik,please send me your email address.

Ok thank u :) I m waiting. I hope u send me soon as possible.

I sent to you yesterday (sent to the E-mail: Tip: I can be sent separately if other buyers need animation files.

Hey man, nice work! I bought this information graphics, after watching the trailer, but in my project i don’t saw the animation that is in the trailer. What im doing wrong? I already changed the colors and information, but i can’t saw the animation I’ve put the animation files sent to here,if it isn’t .Please provide the email.

Hey man sorry, i don’t receive anything send me to my business email:

Ok,has been sent.If receive, please reply me.:)


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