Heavy Object

Heavy Object (Stock Footage)

Heavy Object (Stock Footage)

Hello, friends. I have prepared for you a series of video frames with a mime. This pantomime – Heavy object:
  • 1920×1080 Full HD
  • Alpha channel
  • 0:12
  • facilities are not included in the zip
  • no music
  • music: Junk Yard Madness
  • PantoMIMovy

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     photo 80_80_zps0072durr.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsymqm5e7s.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsp9l904k9.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsxsasp5db.jpg  photo 80_80_zpshxuh8ph0.jpg  photo 80_80_zpscycopxwy.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsrt6zzfxw.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsanywa21o.jpg  photo 80_80_zpskynsl9my.jpg  photo 80_80_zps2porxw7t.jpg  photo 80_80_zps3rxnz3f9.jpg  photo 80_80_zps65yiylob.jpg  photo 80_80_zps8mpqkdhc.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsu31tt9mw.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsc2sdleyj.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsxninrtkk.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsqnh3k1nw.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsbwrafbr1.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsronxtvzl.jpg  photo 80_80_zpspgitfm7g.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsgbgqslkw.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsvcg8kdqo.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsoglwvjtf.jpg  photo 80_80_zps8q1ulxxm.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsjetar1oo.jpg  photo 80_80_zpswwtz5t3o.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsets5ybrh.jpg  photo 80_80_zpshtl8mwpn.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsducyi00v.jpg  photo 80_80_zpskhiyk75z.jpg  photo 80_80_zpswucf8rwu.jpg  photo 80_80_zpspmh8swkz.jpg  photo 80_80_zpszj0mdcj2.jpg  photo 80_80_zpsjxrexrxw.jpg  photo 80_80_zpswpuczbot.jpg

    Please appreciate my video :)


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     photo ChristmasandNewYear1_zps3317b047.jpg Burlesque 1, Burlesque 2, Burlesque 3


     photo DANCE_1_zps1abc6e35.jpg