Gone With The Shock Wave

Gone With The Shock Wave

This is a cinematic, high impact revealer. Start and end your presentations with a firm statement leaving no room for questions. Showcase your powerful logo and tell them all that there can be only one.

This project is compatible with AE 5.5 and above. It comes with 2 versions, one is for logos or rectangular images and the other one for panoramic images or text.

Logos and text fly in as black textured. The texture then is blown away by the shockwave of an explosion leaving your logo or text behind in its original state. Thus, the revealing effect works best when your logo or text is anything except completely black.


Resolution: HD 1920×1080, 25 fps / HD 1280×720, 25 fps

Length: 12 sec.

Easy to setup: Just place your logo or text and hit render.


You need to have the following plugins be installed on your machine prior to loading the project: Videocopilot Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular v2

Render time on my machine (QuadCore i5-2500K, 16 GB RAM, Win7×64, AE CS 5.5.): 1,45 hours in 8bit mode.

The audio track that you heard in the preview does NOT come with the project file. But you can have it after purchasing my template. Just drop me a line on my profile page.

If you have any problems with this project, please do not hesitate and contact me via my profile page and I will do all I can to help you out.

Last but not least, if you like this project, please leave a handful of stars and comments here :)

Screenshots:  photo 01_shock1_zpsb7f90bb2.jpg

 photo 02_shock2_zpsb1ad25ad.jpg

 photo 03_shock3_zpsb85ad535.jpg

 photo 04_shock4_zps3ce061c0.jpg

 photo 05_shock5_zps12757746.jpg

 photo 06_shock6_zpsb2cb5844.jpg

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