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Beautiful work ! Looks very good and very spophisticated i like it very much good luck with sales ! :)

It’s a very good combination of heart-piercing music and so graceful video! Excellent work :)

very nice, good luck

beautiful work!!

good work man ….................. :)

Awesome work! :)

love this project.Great work!!!!!

love your style, good stuff!

Assasins Creed 3 style)) very cool))

Great it one… well done and good luck :)

Thanks guys I appreciate every word!

Hi and well done,

Before my purchase I would like to know if the elements of the comp are customizable. And I mean everything not only the background. Do the plexus elements come prerendered or can be tweaked as well?



Yes, everything is editable. The project contains 2 versions: one with prerenders and one with plugins.

Hi, how i can buy music for this project?

It seams you can’t anymore. I google it and the author is on soundcloud you can ask him there.

Hi, is the background color and the plexus separate? Will I be able to replace the background color with another image or a video and keep the plexus moving over the top of it? Thanks.

Hi, they are separate if you have the plexus plug-in.