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AMAZING EVER !!! Just been 1st swallow who purchased this newest staff! I love your projects so much! Let’s give us more!

its cool , but where we can see these 5 TOTALLY unique templates,

All of these templates are placed inside the archive. Promo shown is based thanks to one of them.

Trust me people, this file is TREMENDOUS …Great job Sharky!

click on the links in the description to view each comp.

recommend you re-do your preview video here, as people aren’t used to going to youtube to see previews of aeps here; eg have a bit from each template in it, so we understand what’s in it, vs clicking on youtube links, I missed that the first couple of times looking here, that the templates included go beyond what’s in the preview video streaming from this site … make a new preview video w/clips from all of what’s included, is my suggestion…

looks interesting, would be good to just see a complete preview of all the templates in one flv, that are included… (like your great “rake” media pack”;)

this is HUGE !!! really amazing!

Wow, that’s alot of comments real fast. Thanks guys :)

It’s 5 templates including the trailer. One of the template videos messed up on my computer so I’ll need to find time to rerender it out before I put it on youtube.

There are a few problems I’ve encountered when uploading, so I’ve had to drastically reduce the file and previews. Youtube is currently the only alternative if you want to see the templates.

I’ll try to update the preview with all 5 templates just to make it easy.


An Excellent work – keep it up man!