Discussion on Flipping Clock - 3D counter with split flap / flip digit numbers

Discussion on Flipping Clock - 3D counter with split flap / flip digit numbers

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Hi Im working in premiere pro and want a stopclock to click up to a certain time (world record) say 2.14.04. (2 hours 14 minutes and 4 hundredths) Can this be achieved in your after effects and then inserted into the premiere pro as transparent (alpha type) file? Can I render it just as the file with clock with no background. Also if the world record is just 9.58 seconds is this possible. Thanks in advance

Hi, yes the project works with Premiere via dynamic link, or you can just import a rendered file. I used the project a few weeks ago in Premiere without any issues. Just to clarify – the main After Effects composition has 6 layers in it, one for each number. You can move them around, scale & position each digit wherever you need them. The background is optional so you can definitely render onto a transparent background. But please note the project is limited to 6 digits. If you want days as well as hours, seconds and fractions of a second then you’ll need to manually animate the days.

Never mind I figured out how to count backwards! Sorry!

Hi everyone. I have updated the project to fix a bug that caused problems if you changed the frame rate. The patch was uploaded in January 2020. The project defaults to 25fps, but you can change the frame rate to anything you want. If you are trying to change the frame rate in the main composition but are having problems, then please ensure you’ve downloaded the latest version with the fixed expression. Incidentally, the project also seems to render a lot faster with AE 2020 than in previous versions.


This looks nice but can you tell me if it includes sound effects for ticking/flap noise? Also, is it possible to count backwards in clock mode (to use as a timer)? finally, I notice that the clock mode displays AM/PM (I don’t see PM but I suppose there is a setting for that): can I get rid of that using the clock mode as a timer?

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your interest. 1) No sound fx are included. You can find very inexpensive options at Audio Jungle. 2) Yes the digits can count forwards and backwards. 3) the AM/PM is a static layer than can be turned on or off or ignored as you choose. If it helps, each digit is a single layer in AE and can be moved, scaled, rotated and otherwise positioned however you like.

Brilliant. Thanks a lot.

Found a calculator online to get the hour and minutes. But the seconds won’t run from 1 through 60 seconds. I’m sure this is easy but I need your help

How do you calculate the numbers to set the correct time. Example: 9:05 (not worried about the seconds). And 4:00. I have specific times in between these two but am the worst at math. Is there an easy way to figure this out? Thanks

Found a calculator online that works for the hour and minutes, but the seconds don’t go from 0 to 60.

Hello! Nice work. befor i buy it ,want to be sure that it will work in cc 5.5 and olso if its working with 4 nubers – for years

A version is saved for CS 5.5 that comes with the project. It should work. However I do not have a copy of CS 5.5 to test it on, the project was back-saved from CS 6. Yes you can set up the project with 4 numbers.

FlipAnimations behave weired. the numbers just change to the next number for one frame just before they start to flip. Please check.

Thank you for your reply, I have just sent you an e-mail.

Thank you for your quick response. Clearing memory and cache solved the problem.

Hello! It’s January 2018 and this is just a heads up that the project has been completely re-created from scratch and it now works with both clock time and base 10 time. The project now includes a number of examples to get you started. Check out the preview video for an overview.

Is there any way that the project can be modified by the buyer to use this to display base-10 counting (meaning 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12, etc.) instead of being a clock? I have some After Effects knowledge, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be possible with the files provided?

Sorry but not yet. It has been requested before and I have started work on it, but I have a number of improvements planned for this project and implementing them all is taking longer than expected. I wouldn’t purchase this project and expect the base-10 update to be available any time soon. If you are looking for an alternative then I also have an odometer project which is much easier to customise.

I need to display names, i.e. characters. - Does this project cater for characters as well as letters?

Hi, Sorry but this is not the project for you. It is just a clock / counter with numbers. There are other templates that will do airport text.


Which AEs does this work with? More important for me, does it work with CS6?

It was created in CS6, and will open in newer versions of AE. If anyone needs a version in CS5.5, email me personally (my email address is included with the project file).

Hello everything is flat & straight on. Do i have to make a new camera and animate it from scratch? Thanks Mike

Thanks for your purchase. Yes the default camera in each composition is front on to the display, so the flip effect will look relatively flat. You can either animate the existing camera or add a new one. As the help document shows, in order for the numbers to “flip” in 3D space, you need to have collapse transformations turned on. They are turned on by default, so the flip is happening in 3D space unless you specifically turn it off, even though it might look a bit flat with the default camera. My personal email address is listed on the help document. You are welcome to email me and I will send you the project I used to make the promo video, so you have a couple of camera moves to start with. FWIW I usually choose to have a 2-node camera, and parent the camera to a 3D null. If you want to emphasis the 3D nature of the flipping layers then choose a wide angle (less than 28mm) and have the camera very close to the layers. Turning on depth of field will enhance the 3D effect. Hope this helps.


You can always send specific problems to me, or requests for features so that I can make future versions better.

Cool work!

very nice work, good luck with the sales :)

very nice project

Perfect job my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)


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