Discussion on Flat Logo Pack

Discussion on Flat Logo Pack

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These are super cool! Awesome job :)

Thank you :)


Before to buy it, I have a question : You wrote in the description : “Expression Universalizer was used to support various After Effects languages”.

Do you mean that Universalizer is need absolutely to use this pack? Because Universalizer is not free, and I have to know if I could use this pack without this expression… :(

Sorry if my English is not good (I’m French).

Thanks you very much.

Hi, thank you for your interest.

No, you do not need any additional software besides After Effects. Expression Universalizer is not needed. This part in the description just means that if you run your After Effects in French, you will have no problems and everything will work.

I will edit the description to make it more clear :)

Kind regards, Tobi

Thanks you very much for your answer. Just one questiona gain : is there a video tutorial for every effect?

Thanks again. Excellent work :)


a videotutorial is included where I show you how to customize the animations. I show it for 2 animations but they are all structured the same so it doesn’t really matter which one I work with in the videotutorial. You will know what you have to do for each animation. It would be very tedious to watch if I show the same thing over and over again for the 23 animations :)

If you want to take a look at the videotutorial befor the purchase you can download it here:

Then you can take a look at how the project is structured and if there are still any questions left don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Nice Work…..Wishing you many sale!

Brilliant, really good work :)

Thanks for all the nice comments guys!

How on earth I missed this one ! ...... man this is an awesome job, proved yourself yet again .. Good Luck, and congrats on 9000+ sales :)

Thanks so much FXNinja!

I downloaded this pack but am having some issues. I’m able to import my logo fine, but when I go back to the animation window all I see is a blank square. However in the “put square logo in here” tab, everything looks fine.

Hi, does your logo have an alpha channel? (= transparent background)? You can try to shut off the “transparent logo” setting in the controls. If you still have problems, please contact me through my profile page. Thanks!

I’m having the same problem as bdiam0nd, I see a blank square and not my logo. Clicking on the little transparancy squares do not help.

How can I fix this?

Sincerely, Morticka

Hi Tobi, I just send you an email with logo (symbol) and screenshot of the problem. Sincerely,Morticka

Replied :)

Awesome :D You were right, the solution was in the control settings!! Thank you for showing me, great and fast support!! Sincerely, Morticka

Beautiful work! Do you by chance offer these as individual purchases or only the package cost?

Thank you! only the package, I’m afraid, my exclusive agreement with envato forbids to offer these stings elsewhere, I’m sorry :/

Hello I recently purchased this template from you but I am facing some difficulties. Everytime I place a logo in its respective folder and then come back to main comp the logo does not appear there only plain white is seen please help me out.

Sorry I just followed the steps you gave to your buyer Morticka now it works fine. We need to tweak settings in controls :) thanks a ton for this pack!

Alright, glad you figured that out :) Thanks for the purchase :)

Quick question. We have a logo being designed right now that is circular. So once our logo is completed, if we bought this pack, all we have to is pop our logo into the design of our choice and our logo is animated to look like the design we chose? Just curious how that would work with a logo we have. Thanks!

Hi there! You can choose the design you like and insert your logo into the animation. You have two options to incorporate your logo into the template: a) use the alpha information (transparency) of your logo file and stamp out the shape of your logo out of the circles or squares of the animation. This is what you should use when your logo is recognizable by its outlines alone, like the envato logo. This is also what is used in the preview, you can see how the envato logo itself does not have a circular background or anything but is incorporated into the designs in the preview.

b) lays your logo over the shape of the animation. This should be used when your logo is not recognizable by its outlines alone but you need the color information to be able to see it clearly.

What you describe sounds like your logo has a circular background itself. In this case I would advice to ask your designer if he can provide you with a version without the circular background and then use that version with either option a or b.

I hope that cleared everything up. If you have further questions feel free to contact me again :)

Can i put in only a one color Logo in Animation 1 on “Square Logo Animations” (transparent) ?! How can i show a logo with 2 colors?

Hi, just uncheck “Transparent Logo” in the control layer to have your logo colors shown.

Grüße, Tobi

I have tried working with this pack, but just can’t manage. My logos do not appear. Are You shore it works with CS6? Can You help me?

Hi, yes I am sure :) Make sure to follow the included tutorial, if you want to see your logo colors uncheck “transparent logo” in the controls layer.

If you need further assistance please contact me via my profile page.


Did you also create those transitions? If so, where can I purchase them?

Hi, yes I also created the transitions, but don’t have them up for sale. They are pretty basic transitions so most probably envato wouldn’t accept them anyway as they are looking for more complex stuff.

I’m sure you can find something similar up for sale on videohive in a transition pack if you take a look at the transitions category.

Kind regards, Tobi