Discussion on Flame Logo

Discussion on Flame Logo

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Looks cool! Well done!

Looks great!)

Very Nice Work!

Looks very good!

nice fire work mate!

Cool work!

Great work! :) Nice idea! Well done!

Interesting! Congratulations my friend! ;)

I love this design and animation, that’s really impressive item, dude! I wish you great sales this week and I’m totally sure you will get it. Keep it up and create more instpiring stuff ;) Cheers and have a nice day :)


Amir :grin:

Hi there. Just brought this template but its outdated. Any chance to get this running? Screenshot

Hello! should work if you just ignore this message

I tried that. Unfortunately there are also “expression errors” and the output looks different than shown. Can you help me here?

Open in EN version Ae

Is there a way to keep the fire buring after it fades in? Like loop and not fade out?

This says that it requires the plugin “Trapcode Particular”. The only thing I found online about that plugin was a $1000 plugin suite. Is there a free version of that or am I going to need to pay for an expensive plugin just to get this to work?

Having the same issue with plugin “Trapcode Particular”. Downloaded it on trial but it doesn’t allow me to migrate the version i have…

Hello. The new version of the plugin contains bugs and errors during migration. Install version lower than 5, or wait until “Red Giant” is fixed