Five Animated Clocks V2

Five Animated Clocks V2

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UPDATED to Version 2 in 2k (2048×2048)

Five Animated Clocks are… five different animated clock faces. Each clock goes through a complete ‘24 hour’ cycle in 30 seconds and is loopable. All clocks are 2k in size (2048px X 2048px) with alpha channels.

Two separate speeds are included! Get both ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ versions.

Two separate frame rates are included! Get both 30p and 24p versions, perfect for either video or film-based projects!

Simply drop them into your project and you’re done!

Use them for… well, what couldn’t you use them for?

You can get five different Animated Clocks, five completely new designs, here:

The music in the Preview Video is “Clock”. It can be purchased here:

• Five different styles of clock face
• 2k Resolution (2048×2048)
• Two Speeds (00:12 Long & 00:36 Long)
• Two Frame Rates (30p & 24p)
• Loopable
• Alpha Channel

What’s Included:
• Twenty 2048×2048 QT PNG .mov’s

If you LIKE it, RATE it! (And if you don’t like it, tell me why so I can make it better.)

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