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This is lovely. Great! I am sure it will sell a lot:)

Really love this. Good JOB !

Very realistic. Congratulations.


Can I edit the background (lay fireworks over custom image) in AE without purchasing the required plugin?

Yes! Prerendered Fireworks are included!

Looking for item to use as video background in Photodex program. Would these files work? Can they be used in commercial product ( styles) in which the video files would be one of the supporting layers ?

All files created in MOV h264 codec! You can use “Screen” projection to create transparansy by black background! ;)

After Effects says that the effect “Particular” is missing. Do I need to download this plugin from Red Giant? If so, that’s a huge a bummer.

Update: I just re-read the item details and found out you do need the plugin. Damn. I’m not spending $1000 for fireworks. Come on pmwa…

Yeah, I read that later like an idiot. It’s totally my fault. Is there any way you could send me the fireworks videos with an alpha channel? Don’t know if it’s possible but it would be much appreciated.

You can use Screen projection of this fireworks! Give me your email and i try to help! :)

I sent you my email. I just need the fireworks to be laid over a different backdrop I have instead of the current black. Not an item overlay over the fireworks. Will be awaiting your email. Thanks~

One of the most beautiful salutes that I saw))