Fireworks Kit

Fireworks Kit

Please read the description before purchase – thanks a lot

NOTE: Automatic generated Previews has low quality – original file is high quality and smooth

Realistic Fireworks Kit

This is a FullHD Fireworks Background Kit with a complete premade fireworks event and all elements as single clips. With all the single shots you are able to create your own very realistic looking fireworks in any video edtiing software. Because all the single explosions and rockets has ready made SFX you can just drag every clip into your project and set blend mode to add/screen. Then adjust position / scale / rotation / volume or mirror the clip and change the color with standard color tools. For use the premade fireworks event just drag the start-clip and end-clip into your project to get one complete fireworks design. If you need to extend the fireworks duration you can add the loop-clip between the start-clip and the end-clip – then duplicate the loop-clip as many times you need.


4K premade fireworks event and 2K fireworks elements you will find here


  • New Year Projects
  • Christmas Projects
  • Happy Birthday Projects
  • Party Events
  • Top Charts
  • Company Events
  • Product Promos
  • LED Screens
  • Music Videos
  • Greeting Cards
  • Personal Projects


  • 15 Firework Clips
  • Audio IS included
  • 3 High Quality FullHD premade fireworks event clips (start / loop / end) with real SFX
  • Premade fireworks event is entirely made from all the single elements
  • Start-clip duration 0:09
  • Loop-clip duration 0:15
  • End-clip duration 0:09
  • 12 High Quality 1K premade fireworks elements with real SFX
  • Explosion 1 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 2 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 3 duration 0:06
  • Explosion 4 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 5 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 6 duration 0:03
  • Explosion 7 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 8 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 9 duration 0:05
  • Explosion 10 duration 0:03
  • Rocket 1 duration 0:05
  • Rocket 2 duration 0:05
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • 25 fps
  • Photo JPG


Real fireworks SFX are included – so every clip has perfect made sound and is ready to go by just drag the clip into the project.


Just drag the single clips into your timeline and set blend mode to add or screen. Then adjust position / scale / rotation / volume or mirror the clip and change the color with standard color tools. Best way to get quick a big full sky is to create some little groups. Just make 5 – 10 explosions and place rockets with same explode position or without. Then place the groups by duplicate a few times and set different colors / scale / rotation to each group. If there is to much SFX (if to much explosions) just switch off the audio or adjust the volume of some clips and everything will work perfect.

This is the easiest way to get a real looking high quality fireworks event with your own design and colors for any duration you will create your show by the single firework clips.