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Very interesting!

Is there anyway to make it to only change the expressions for the selected layers? If so, I’m sold! Thanks.

Hello, thank you for feetback. I’ll try to fix it in a few days and make an update.

Great Update! This script just got a whole lot more powerful. Great work on this script. Thank you.

I just bought and it doesn’t work with AE CC 2015.2 :(

Sorry, please ignore my previous comment. It does work, and it works beautifully. I had to toggled n the run Javascript BIN setting.

Nevermind) I’m glad you like the script.

You have spared me a heart attack m8, Thanks

Glad to hear it

AE CC ver. 13.7 – - Script is not working. How do I get help?

Hello. I need more information about this bug. What string do you input into From and To boxes? Please send me email on and describe the problem.

Hello, have you solved the problem ?

The script is not working in the AE CC ver. 14.0

I’m trying ton change word in expression (“Slider” to “Curseur”) but the script is returning : The string Slider was not found in any of the selected layers. No changes were made

Exemple of expression : thisComp.layer(“Color”).effect(“Bevel”)(“Slider”)

Please help ! Thx

Hello! 1. Download the latest version of the scrypt. 2. Check that name of scrypt you use – “Find_and_Reaplace”. There is no such error message in my scrypt. (The only message the scrypt may show is “No text was entered in the Find Text box”) 3. I tested the script on AE CC v14 and it works. If you still have the problem, please send me email on

Hello, I bought ‘Find And Replace Script’. It’s cool and very useful script. This works fine with CS6 but not works with CS5.5 Could you fix this?
Thank you!

Hello! The script works well for CS5.5, but some effects in cs5.5 has bug which does not allow look for expression. For example, Hue/Saturation effect.

Thank you for quick response to my question. Great item and fine customer support!!! It helped me to save many hours.
Kind regards,

Great work, nice colors!

Thank you!

Is there any chance you could make this work with Puppet Pins? Renaming them is a pain in the neck because you can’t select the next one with the keyboard.

Hello! I found that someone already made such scrypt:

OK Thanks – I’d like the find-and-replace functionality too, but this is handy.

Love this tool! Often saves my time!

Thank you!

With 2017 it did NOT work using “Run Script…” but it DID work when I put it in ScriptUI panels folder

Thank you for feedback, I’ll check it.

Hi! i have a question. how can i replace expressions with 2 or more strings? and if i can’t, can you update this awesome script?

Hello. After half a year I finally added this functionality.

Hey does you script works with ae CC12 ? and can it replace all layers and effects to “don’t edit” or any other text i want to use for it? because i want a script to rename all effects and layer names and compositions to “don’t edit” for a template i work on and i don’t want to do it all by hand for over 600 + layers and effects if it’s possible or if it’s easy for you to implement it i’ll be looking forward to purchase it instantly i need that feature for many of my upcoming projects.

Please let me know.

Wow this is a life-saver. Everyone should have this script! Great work, 5 stars!

Thank you!

Hello! I just bought this script, and unfortunately it doesn’t work with big pieces of expressions. Say i would like to change 10 lines of expressions in 200 layers?

If this script works with only one line of code, then it works just like a script called Duik, for example, which is absolutely free. So, if I understand you correctly, you wont to improve this script, right?

Yes, Duik now has similar functional (but I’ve made the script earlier) You understand me incorrectly, I want and will improve the script if it possible :) But it will take a long time. So I’m trying to solve your problem as quickly as possible with the available functionality. So if you have time – write on my email , I speak Russian

Upd. 01/22/2018: Now you can replace multiline expressions. So It has better functional now :)

Hello, I’m trying to replace a multiline code with nothing (or just ();) to remove an script from all the project and it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

Hello! I’ve just checked the functional and it works fine. Can you give me more information: 1. AE version 2. Win/Mac 3. What expression do you want to replace?