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very cool, I liked it, great work. I wish many sales

Thank You :)

It’s pretty awesome. But how do I get rid of your logo that shows up at the beginning of the slideshow and is on top of everything?

Thank You for buying our product.

If you are talking about the “Million Frames” in the start, that’s a simple text layer which you can edit easily.

If this doesn’t clear your doubt, you can send your query with a snapshot to our mail id.

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Hi there,

I have emailed but for anyone who gets your slideshow, they might find this helpful – how do you duplicate a scene and then change the image without effecting the previous scene?


First of all we have to duplicate the required scene and secondly all the insides compositions in the project window.

By doing that we can use the same animation for different compositions by just changing the image in the duplicated composition of the project. Hope this helps :) Thank you!

I tried duplicating the scene but it retains the properties and each time I change the composition name & point to another image, it changes the original scene

You have to duplicate the scene in the project window and also duplicating all the inside scenes too.

For example, If you want to Duplicate Scene 4 then Duplicating inside Project window you’ll get Scene 32 (suppose)

Now you have to duplicate all the comps which are inside Scene 4 like…”Pic anim” comp and Also,” Image 4” comp. Duplicate this also in Project window.

Finally you’ll have to visit inside Scene 32(the newly created scene) and replace all the inside old comps with the newly duplicated one like….. “pic anim” will get replaced by “pic anim 32” and “Image 4” by “image 32”.

Hope this helps.

Still having doubt. Ping us here on

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Okay, just bought the template. Life would have been so much easier if you had put picture placeholders with numbers in all the scenes. This way, you see immediately in which scene you have to put the picture you want.

Thank you for your kind feedback. We will be updating our project file with the proper changes suggested asap so that it becomes more flexible to use. Hope you liked our product.

Regards Million Frames

When I launch the slideshow it says it has been created with after effects version 12.0 windows 64 and can’t be opened with my version (mac OS). How can I be refunded? Thanks for your help.

Hi! This template works with Windows only. You can contact Envato for refund.

Regards Million Frames

Hey! I bought this template to use it in After Effects CC 2018 on windows. There are only two versions included (CC12 and CC 2015) in both I can´t control the colors of the backgrounds and bars behind the text…Need help pls. Regards Kira

Yes, in this template color controls are not present so you need to change colors individualy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

can i use this templates for commercial? because i am freelancer.

You have to buy the extented license to use this template commercially. Have a look at the licenses to get more details.

Hi, this template looks very nice. Can we easily make textes disapear ? Thanks

Hi, Yes. You can hide the text layers if you don’t want them into final render.

Hi, I’ve just received an email saying an update to this project is available. Can you let me know what the changes are please? Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick, No such project updates only product titles being updated which Envato has made compulsory to keep it different than cliche titles. Thank you.