Face Mask Animated Mockup Template - Mockup Kit PREMIERE

Face Mask Animated Mockup Template - Mockup Kit PREMIERE

Create your content for branding and product design with this animated face mask mockup template for Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s very easy to use, just drag and drop your content to the PSD file, and use Essencial Graphics panel in the Adobe Premiere Pro to customize de details.

A‌nimated Face Mask Mockup for Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Full HD resolution
  • 5 different scenes
  • Drop your content into the PSD texture file
  • Customize details using the Essencial Graphics panel
  • PDF tutorial included
  • Alpha Channel


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC (No need to know how to use)
  • Adobe Photoshop or any other PSD editor
  • ft-UVPass plugin for After Effects. You can name your own price from $0.00 (I recommend paying the suggested amount and supporting the author)
  • I recommend a powerfull machine with 32GB of ram or more

Special acknowledgment

Some special assets were used to create the promo video, and it’s not included in the project. Thank you for all the authors.
  • Soundtrack Carousel by Marc Robillard. It’s available at Artlist.
  • Flat scandinavian design pattern created by Freepik.
  • Diamond shape golden pattern vector background created by Starline.
  • Seamless floral pattern on uniform background created by Macrovector.
  • Summer pattern background created by Freepik.

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