Eye-Catching 5 : Fast

Eye-Catching 5 : Fast

An energetic and fast presentation.

- Full HD
- 8 text placeholders - 8 subtext placeholders - 13 placeholders for your videos or pictures - 1 placeholder for your title or logo - 1 placeholder for your slogan - After Effects CS4 or higher
- No Plugins required
- Pdf Tutorial include
- Audio is not include

For technical questions, email me via my profile page.

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Audio, videos & Images : Intense cinematic Trailer By Symphony-of-Specters Abstract Glitch Effects By xFxDesignsFluttering Woosh By SoundrepositoryFast Woosh By Raffo Epic Trailer By Allegro120.

Soccer Kick -Military Operation -Lamborghini update 3 -Action -Out Of This World - Singapore – Urban Landscape – Paris Champs-Elysées – City Skyline – Los Angeles Urban City at Sunset with Freeway Trafic – Cowboy – New York at Night Black and White – Los Angeles at Night – Sunset on City – New York City Sunset – Tourist – Office –

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