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One Explainer software can use more PC?

Hi there,
yes, the license is limited to one project/company. So for example if you want to create 5 videos for comapny A, you need one license (no matter on how many pc you’ll produce the video). But if you’d decide to create new 5 videos for comapny B , you’ll need second license for comapny/project B

Hi, I would want to know if I can use one of the characters for a print ad or a web banner if I buy this file ?

Yes of course! ;) You can create any kind of promo materials using the toolkit

Was this demo video created with your tool kit. Here is the link. The video is about a minute long. Please watch and let me know if it is your template.

they used some elements from our template (some cahracters at 0:49) but overall I think it is some other template or some custom elements.

Hmmm, is there a way to find out which template he used on Fiverr. He mention he uses AE but would not disclose the template he used. I loved to get this template.

i want voice over artist link..for change content

Great kit, but it’s not lightening fast rendering. They are almost unusably slow :(

magic stuff!

Thank you!