Support for Explainer Video Toolkit 4

Support for Explainer Video Toolkit 4

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Is EVT4 compatible with the new After Effects CC 2021?

Yes! EVT4 is well optimized for the new After Effects CC 2021. In fact I highly recommend using this version.

I’m using AE CC 2021. Do I have to Install anything?

You don’t need to install anything. The script will do everything automatically for you. To run the EVT4 simply go to your After Effects > File > Scripts > Run script file > Navigate to the main EVT4 folder you downloaded, open folder “EVT4 CC2021” > and run “Explainer Video Toolkit 4.3.jsx. Done! Now you’re ready to start making videos!

Can I export as many videos as I want for my project?

Yes, you can make as many videos on one license as you want. No need to purchase the same template again. Once you have the tools you can use them forever.

Is EVT4 the best one of the series? Does it include all elements from the previous 3, or do those have to be purchased separately?

EVT4 is definitely the best one of the series. EVT4 is optimized for the new After Effects and has significantly improved performance, workflow, design, and customizability. EVT4 contains most of the elements from previous versions in a redesigned way and also has many new elements. Older versions might not work well with the newer After Effects so I highly recommend to buy the EVT4 over the old versions.

Is this license for lifetime use? Or do I have to pay a recurring subscription to continue using it?

EVT4 toolkit is one-time purchase and after that you can use it forever. No subscriptions needed.

I Got “Type Error:Null is not an object” kind of error message while loading a character. How to fix this?

The problem: It looks like the pseudo effects are unavailable. They are usually installed automatically during the first opening of EVT4 but it seems like your after effects had the setting for this disabled by default. Pop up window should notify you to allow scripts to write files and access the network.

Easy fix: Go to your AE and then into Edit > Preferences > Scripting > Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network, Turn on. After that you need to restart the EVT4 window too. This will automatically create a folder that needs to be used to create effects of character rig and everything should work fine. Once everything is set up you can turn access to write files and network off again if you wish.

I have some trouble finding the EVT4 Animation Presets in the effects and presets panel.

Please make sure you copied animation presets into your After Effects. This part has to be done manually but it’s simple, just go to your C:/Program Files > Adobe > After Effects > Support Files > Presets and copy the whole EVT4 Presets folder there. Then you will be able to see the EVT4 presets in the effects and presets panel.

Can I use the template on After Effects that is running in other language than English?

If you run EVT4 on After Effects set to a different language than English it will not work properly. So the solution is to temporarily set your AE to English. Here is an useful video with instructions to follow:

I used an animation presset on a layer but it is not doing anything.

There are two things you can check to make sure everything is right.

a) Make sure you applied a marker on the layer which you want to animate with the animation preset. Animation presets use scripts that need a marker to know when to trigger the animation. To add a marker, select the layer you want to animate and go to Layer > Markers > Add Marker

b) After Effects CC2019 and 2020 use a different expression engine so you would have to go to File > Project Settings > Expressions > Set expression engine to “Legacy Extend Script”

PresetEffects.xml doesn’t appear in my list of files inside the resource folder of After Effects.

Seems like you’re trying to follow installation instructions for an older version of After Effects than your current version. Your current version of After Effects is probably CC 2020, 2019, or 2018 so you don’t need to install anything. Simply go to your After Effects > File > Scripts > Run script file > Navigate to the main EVT4 folder you downloaded, open folder “EVT4 CC2020” > and run “Explainer Video Toolkit 4.2.jsx. Done! Now you’re ready to start using the tools!

Which versions of After Effects are supported by Explainer Video Toolkit 4?

EVT4 is well optimized for AE CC 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018. No need to install anything just open the script and make videos.

EVT4 is also compatible with the AE CC 2017, 2016, 2015 but with these versions you would need to install “pseudo effects” manually. It is just a matter of copy and paste few lines of codes into your AE and then you’re ready to make videos.

The system requirements:

Main goal of EVT4 was to be light on the system requirements so EVT4 can be used even on slower PC or Mac.

It was tested to run on a simple older laptop i3 processor, 6GB Ram, No SSD.

Optimal requirements would be something like 12-16GB Ram, SSD disk, i5 processor. Anything more powerful is also great.

If for some reason you are not able to use the template, I always provide the option to give the customers refund so they can get their money back.

Can i use EVT4 when I reinstall my PC?

Yes, you can always use EVT4 again even after upgrading your PC. Even if you lost the original EVT4 files you can go back to your videohive account and download it again.

How can make a “character back orientation” like in the scene in the promo video.

This scene with character back orientation is just a customized version of basic character but I shifted order of layers so it makes the appearance of back view. It is a bit of manual work but it doesn’t take much to achieve this.

You can find source files to this scene in the EVT4 package in “Other Files” folder.

Workflow to get the look: Press shy button to reveal all layers and play with order of layers. You can open head rig and re-order layers for head/hair too. The best results will be achieved if you do a few customizations of hair, maybe customization not even required because character textures already have back part of hair on separated position… It is also convenient because you can make the customizations from one place (character texture) without need to open any other comps. I recommend to see the files from the promo video to see how exactly was this made and copy what you see.

When starting a file “Story 01 Source Files CC13.aep” – an error occurs from your set: “2 missing effects. – 1) “DUIK_Spring_Bounce” 2) “DUIK_Spring” – And where are they?

These effects are not important. If you don’t have them you can still use the scenes. Only thing I recommend is to go to Edit > Preferences > Scripting & Expressions > Javascript debugger (turn off)

Can I make freelance projects with this toolkit?

Yes, feel free to use all the tools that comes with EVT4 for your freelance projects.

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