Elegant Slideshow

Elegant Slideshow


This is a dynamic and modern slideshow with seamless and elegant transitions with captivating motions. The text is carefully designed to behave as if in a synchronized dance. It works well with any images or footage. It’s motions coupled together with bold text works together to bring a desirable display of images/footage. It can be used in openers, intros, promos of all kind, slideshow displays, wedding slideshows, sport reels, corporate slideshows, commercial displays etc.


  1. You can change color with one click
  2. Can use image/footage(video)
  3. 30 image/footage placeholders
  4. 23 text placeholders
  5. FULL_HD resolution
  6. Optional color correction that can be switched on/off
  7. Color controls
  8. Opacity controls
  9. Tutorial included
  10. Free Support
  11. No plugins required
  • Get Music: Here
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    Videos and music are used for preview purposes only (not included). Videos used only for preview purposes under Creative Commons license

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