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This styles nice dude, very tidy.

Thank you PinkLemonade! :grin:

very cool work

Thanks TheSdx1! :grin:

Excellent work !!

Thank you nikejonessound! :grin:

Very nice work!

Thank you 331! :grin:

This is really high quality work! Might use it one day !

Thanks a lot Cream-Motion! :grin:

Amazing work very good and professional!

Thank you my friend! :grin:

Hello ! Very cool project ! This template is compatible in the FR version CS6 ? Thank you !

Hello! Yes, all expressions is universal.

Very nice work!

Thank you MotionReveal! :grin:

Im having some trouble with using the template. When I drag a video into replace me it doesn’t go into the circle like your tutorial but instead replaces it, the circle disappears. What am I doing wrong?

Hello! Before you drag to “replace me” did you select both images? (replace_me and your media) and don’t forgot hold ALT button? Everything must work perfectly. Please send me your answer via e-mail.

Thank you ikarus_pro!

Having the same problem with the ALT button. It would have been better to allow you to edit the video within the mask instead of replacing the JPG.

Hello! In my video tutorial (time 01:44) I showed how to import video inside my project. It isn’t hard to do. If you have any questions please send your questions via email.

Hi, The template is absolutely splendid but I was wondering how to change the length of certain parts? Pretty much everything works for me but I would like to make the text stick a little longer for some parts

Hello! You can do that through changes keys animation of camera. It possible for any parts. For example you can create part who has slow zoom out animation of camera, and you can see text during whole animation.

Thank you LuckyBlackCat!

I have questions on the ability to customize the shapes in this template? We are an NBC affiliate and would like to subtly include the peacock feather shape into this template. We love this template and would like to use this in our new projects for the station.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This shape was created special for this movement. All object easy to disable. But if you want to add your own shape then you have to create a new animation.

Hey Chuck.. Beautiful work… Really appreciate..

One question though… I would like to save transition, bumper and lower third as a separate AEP project. However when I try to do that, it actually saves the entire project again and again. with 19 MB each time. Lower Third is something will change for every new video correct. So doesn’t make sense to have so large file for that.

I’m using CS6 and using Files > Collect Files command to export the selected composition as separate project. eg. “Main Bumper”.

Hello! Thank you) Sometime I have the issue with collect in a CS6 version (With CS5.5 and other no problem) Send me message via my profile page and I will contact you through email.

Hello! Great job!

Thank you Lutch!

Hello do you have FCPX version?

Hi. It is possible, but not for the near future

I am having problems with windows 64bit on latest version of ADOBE… Some type of skins stay permanent on the preholder… any solution?

Hello! send me an email via the contact form on my profile page. And I will try to help you.

Just tested with the new version AE program. All works fine, please send me message (via email) and screenshots with issue moments.