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excellent work…

Good job, Creattive! Wish you many sales!

Very nice particles :)

Absolutely awesome looking, sir! :)
Thanks a lot for letting me produce the bespoken audio track for this template!

perfect project

Looks is great! +

Great project mate! :)

Such a nice logo! :)

Amazing work my friend !!!

Thanks Depmod, and thank you again for providing the logos!

Amazing project!

Veryyyy super project!!!

Nice work mate!

I imported a color logo into template and it turned all white. How do I retain the color?

Hi, just uncheck “Metallic 3D Logo” in the Controls layer, as explained in the tutorial in section 3. Thanks :)

Greetings, Tobi

Hi Creattive , can i deposit your template with trapcode version ? Many thanks !

Hi, a plugin version for CS5.5 is included that makes use of Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares.

Kind regards, Tobi

Hi, just bought this. Is there any way to get rid of the solid background and render it with alpha channel, so I can put this over my footage?

Hi cflger,

unfortunately, the particle effects prevent After Effects from rendering with a transparent background. As there are light effects going on in the video, an alpa channel wouldn’t look corrrect anway. The best result in the scenario you want to achieve is by doing the following:

Go to the composition called “Composite” and solo the layer “Logo Comp” and “Tagline”. This leaves you with only the Logo and Tagline and can be rendered with a transparent background. Render out the Output composition and save the video with an alpha channel. Let’s call this video the “logo-video”.

Now, go back to the “Composite” composition and hide the layers “Logo Comp”, “Tagline”, “Fade Out” and “BG”. This leaves you with only the particle effects. Render the Output comp now, you don’t need an alph channel for this one. Let’s call this video the “particle-video”.

Now go to your editing software (e.g. Premiere). Import the logo-video and place it above your footage. As it has an alpha-channel, this should work as expected. Now place the particle-video above the logo-video, and set it’s Blending Mode to “add” or “screen”.

Crucial for this method is to have an editing app that supports blending modes.

If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Wir können uns dann auch auf deutsch unterhalten ;)

Grüße, Tobi

Hey Tobi, thank you for the quick response! Since I had to get it done very quickly I figuered out a workaround, rendering only the particle animation without the logo and adding in the logo (which will be a film title in my project) in premiere. It´s not what you intended, but looks ok. Thanks und Danke for helping out ;-)

Glad you got it sorted out :) If you like the template, I’d highly appreciate a rating :)

Hi! I need the background as alpha or transparent, is there a way I can turn it off?

Hi there!

The flares and some bokeh footage prevent a transparent background. You would need to shut them off to be able to render with a transparent background, but that wouldn’t make sense as they form the animation.

You can render out the logo animation alone with transparent background (shutting off the flares, the bokeh, and the background) and then a second video with only the flares/bokeh, then import both in your editing program and set the flare/bokeh video’s blending mode to “screen” or “add”.

I hope that helped!

Kind regards, Tobi

Can you change the colors?

Hi, yes colors can be changed.