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Discussion on Earth Zoom Pro X

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ArtiOk Purchased

My map is not generating. After entering the coordinates, I get the message “Completed – Now You can customize your template” I follow the instructions but it doesn’t work :( Please help

Hi… Can you send me your system information? Also, only English characters should be in the template file path. If you want, move the template folder to the desktop and try again. If the problem persists, you can send me an e-mail.

It was system problem. Problem solved with remote connection.

Finally got around to using this. I just want to say I appreciate the hard work. This was well thought out.

Really enjoying it.

Thank you for your positive thoughts.

Which Google API plan can I sign up to as bare minimum? I want to sign up for it to use this and other maps, but I’m afraid to sign up for unnecessary stuff. Which is their plan? Thanks!

Hi. You should use the Maps JavaScript API feature to generate your own API key. Google offers $200 per month free usage for the API. For more information, you can check the Google license pages. After generating your API key, you need to activate the Maps Static API and Places API features from the library. You can email for further assistance.


odyouri Purchased

Hi, great template . .but o followed all the steps, but when generating the map images it sticks in image 1 and then nothing happen ! Any Help PLZ ? deadline with client tonight :/

Hi… please send a mail.


odyouri Purchased

done !

Problem solved. Thanks for your cooperation.


cekodok Purchased

Hi, how can i need to zoom in for state area only. not specific location.

Hi… You can do this with the Level setting. “Help\STEP 4.1_Zoom In/STEP 4.1.1 Zoom In Settings for Locations.mp4”


cekodok Purchased

orite. and one more thing, i want to use highlight function, like in your demo video. how can i do?

Hi.. Sorry for late… You can do it by following this video (“Help/STEP 5_Elements/STEP 5.2.1 Add Elements At Zoom Maps.mp4”). In Add Elements ZP(X) composition, you can draw the highlighted area according to your zoom level.

Hello. After adding the Google Maps coordinate, images that say “oops something went wrong” appear at the stage of creating the map and the map cannot be loaded. My version of After Effects is v22.6.

Hi… Are you using the current version? Can you send me a screenshot? Thank you.

“There was an incorrect API issue. The problem has been fixed.”

Thanks for the quick solution. I found out that it was totally my usage error. Thanks for support.


mike45 Purchased

Hi . I need to put some google maps location but from past year 2014. Google earth can do that but I do not know if it’s works with your program ??? Thanks MIKE


mike45 Purchased

In fact I need to replace a google photo by a drone photo I made, especially on the last movement of the video… Where can I change the google maps photo by mine from my drone ? thanks

Hi… You can do this by watching the help videos in the “Help\STEP 4.1_Zoom In\To Use Drone Video” folder. If you need more help, you can email me.

mike45 Purchased

Thanks a lot … I will try and let you know if it works :)

Hi there! I think I read free Google APIs are limited. My question is, are there any drawbacks from using Bing as far as smooth zoom ins go, and such. Thanks!

Hi… How many zoom animations will you create?

I think 5 in the same animation. Also, how does the animation work if the locations are near by? I’m assuming it still zooms all the way out, then back in…? Or does it zoom out less? Thanks!

Hi… Google API will be more than enough. There’s also a special toggle settings for close range locations. You can handle this with the eart zoom out setting and the distance setting between two locations. The rest will be done automatically. It is explained in detail in the help videos. You can write to me for more help.

Hi I recently purchased this, but when I try to activate it, it does not work. I get a message saying Connection To Domain Failed: .. I have used both my correct username and purchase code… but does not work. Please advise

Hi. Please disable the anti virus app and try again.

Good day. I’ve got a question about purchased code. Unfortunately it’s not working. After I bought it I wanted to activate plugin but purchased code is not working

Hi. Please contact the account you purchased. Thanks.

PRE-SALE QUESTION: If what I see is true in the demo video, it seems amazing and mind-boggling. So I have to ask some questions before purchasing. Can zoom short or long into any country from the built-in library or does it have a few built-in countries. How does it work?

Hi. You can do everything in the preview video. You can zoom to any location in the world. Online connection is required to generate the zoom map.

hi when i click on generate map images, it gives an After Effects warning: ERROR:The system cannot find the file specified. Please help .

Hi… It would be informative if you write how it works. Some antivirus programs are preventing the map generator from working properly. Thanks…

sorry for late answer. i just redownload project files. and its worked:) we need think basic sometimes:)

Hi when I click on generate map images, it gives an error “error 02: could not load required map extensions”, please help

Hi. I answered your mail. Please note that the template file path must not contain any characters other than English characters.

Hi, the path name doesnt have any characters other than english. Please help

Some antivirus programs are preventing the map generator from working correctly. “After disabling the antivirus program it worked correctly.”

Hello, I am having issues generating the images. It says ‘estimated time: complete’ after only generating 5/27 and I have the spinning wheel in after effects and have to quit the application as it is no longer doing anything. Any advice?

Hi… Can you send me the coordinates you want to generate?

hello…i cant activate license script alert : connetion to domain failed :

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Does your problem still persist? Firewalls of some virus programs can cause such problems.

i close Firewall but problem still failed.

If you wish, I can try to solve the problem with a remote connection.

Hello, I have yet another question.. Have not been able to figure out… I am using a flat plane.. Can I change the position right where it pauses for a second at Zoom Start.. But still keep my same point one coordinate ?? Thx.

Hi… What kind of animation will it be? Can you send me a simple storyboard?

Hello.. I only use this program every couple months.. Its very good.. but very frustrating.. I am doing an animation with a flat map.. And I cannot get rid of the camera rotating..I have gone through all of the menus.. turned off rotation every place I can find it, or setting rotation to zero.. What am I missing..???

Hi… Open Earth Zoom Pro X Preset Tool script panel -> Go Step 4 : Zoom In -> Set the Rotate value to “0” (Zero) for each Location.

Yep.. Already had done that.. Still rotating in.. This is why it is so frustrating..

Can you send me the aep file?

today I have a new issue… I am trying to generate my maps.. and I open the script.. and I get this error -“EZPXMapGeneratorMacOS” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Is there a way to correct this ?? THX

Hi… Did it work? For more help, you can write to me.

Yes it did .. Thank You !! What confused me was that i have used this on the same computer.. Several times before.. And I must have changed the permissions then.. ?? Anyway it worked.. And thanks for your quick response ..

You’re welcome!

hello. I am using a flat plane as the initial zoom in, and I have not been able to figure out how to make my start of the zoom point closer.. How do you set the point of the very beginning of the initial zoom point ??

Hi… You can see this setting in the help video (00:42) “Help\STEP 2_Visual\STEP 2.4 GLOBE-PLANE MAP START.mp4”. From the Script panel “Step 2:Visual” -> Globe/Plane Start Tab -> Size Zoom Start”

is usage of google maps free? do you need to use google logo? what is workaround?

You can get the necessary information from the Google Maps Platform pages. There are paid or free services depending on the purpose. You can use this template by generating your own Google API key.

You can benefit from these services free of charge up to a certain limit. You can find more detailed information about this on the Google Maps Platform pages.

You can also use Bing Maps and Mapquest Maps as an alternative.


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