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Inside “Earth Information Toolkit” archive, includes 4 additional after effect project: Intro/Outro | Map_Player | Region_info | Earth_Zoom.
all projects are well organized. have a color controller and animation are controlled by markers.

In the “Map_Player” project, you can place 10 video players anywhere on the map and you can control when to start and when to end the video playback, of course, you can place any video/images on the video player, In addition, the camera is automatically animated. also, the camera always follows the location of the video players regardless, in which countries do you place video players. you can control the animation speed of the camera or make it static.

Region_info” – this project includes 4 map infoboxes: two message box, one video player and one slideshow player, also, you can duplicate any infobox, how much you want. For example, you can use 30 video players in one project. You can use these infoboxes in [210+] countries plus in the US states.

Earth_Zoom” – this project includes 4 FUI Screens, where you can insert into the placeholders any video or image files, (in the video tutorial, I’ll show you how to download hi-resolution satellite images to insert inside placeholders). also, You can zoom in or out a specific place in the globe.
With The “Earth_Zoom” you can zoom in on anywhere on Earth.


  • Control animation with Markers
  • Automatic camera Animator
  • Animation Length control
  • U.S. states
  • 304 flag
  • Drag and Drop Placeholders
  • Color controllers
  • No plugins required
  • AE CS6 And UP
  • Video Tutorial
  • The Music from preview is available here: – Abstract Cinematic

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 All used video materials in this project are under CC license: Pexels | Unsplash |
Outward Bound CanadaRIVER WIDEInterlink SpeakerDanebank Principal |
Spencer Paxson | People Who InspireDOORGAANRon Athey


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