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Seem to have a small issue in that I have the word DEMO in 2 places. How do I get rid of those? No idea why they are there! I didn’t insert them.

Yes of course. If you want to use Stardust without a watermark, you have to purchase it, like any other plugin.

I also offer customization and render services for my customers. For details and quotes please send a mail.

Thank you sorry I am new to this. Do you have templates which do not require additional plugins purchases?

Yes sure, many. Check my portfolio. In the items description you can find information whether plugins are required or not.

Hi may i ask were do i get p1 plugin from? My Clint sent me the file and I already have Stardust version 1.5.0 installed but its asking for p1 plugin which i have no idea on were to get this. Please help.

There is no P1 plugin. It’s a part of Stardust. If your Stardust is properly installed, you should not get this error. Please try to re-install the latest available version of Stardust. If this does not help please send screenshots of all error messages you get when opening the file. Thanks!

Ok thnak you after doing that it worked many thanks

You are welcome!

Hi, can I use it for thousands of my videos?

Thank you. One other question! If I redesign my logo after that end-product, Can I use it for the same channel?

If it´s for the same channel, I would say yes it´s ok. Even if it´s probably not quite legit following the license terms. But I would of course also appreciate it if you get a new license when you create a new intro.