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thanks qwert85!

thank you mizukovideo!

I liked! An excellent titles!

thank you Wayman!!

Good work bobach!! ;)<code /></code>

thanks Juanmita!

thanks Effects_Art

good work ….......

thank you narendrababu!

thanks riddlerius!

Cool project mate!

thanks Russ!

Looking good!

thank you Aden!

Very nice work :)

thanks NeuronFX!

Nice work bro!

thank you Orpheus_FX!

Very nice work but i think this one would have to have a caution message for epileptic people becauze of its fast changing nature but it looks very good and well crafted i love it :D

good suggestion WilQ5…will post a caution..thanks

Very cool. Looks great.

thank you Andrenavarre!

Very good work!

thanks WebRa!

creative, well designed – good job

thanks graphic4444!

If I don’t have Trapcode Form, can it still work? What will I lose, the cascading numbers and symbols falling in the background?

Hi sorry for the delay.. You need Trapcode Form for the initial reveal of the four photos (persons) coming from the background text.

Why is there a red X in my project? On the first scenes?

that would be because Trapcode Form is used to reveal the photos.. Sorry for the delay.. it is best to contact me via email. under my profile.

Hi You wrote images not included..So it means movie is empty? Or just image source you mean? because most of image link you wrote are not available

yes, there are placeholders for the images only.. sorry, about image links.. they were all from photodune and I guess the authors have either moved or taken them down. PLEASE NOTE: The projects also requires the plugin TRAPCODE FORM.. thanks for your interest.