Discussion on Curva Script | Premium After Effects Script

Discussion on Curva Script | Premium After Effects Script

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I think the creator of this plugin is dead. So many unanswered questions, so many problems. I was planning to purchase, but I changed my mind.

Hi, I used the plugin with masks in the after, but currently it doesn’t work anymore, only with paths … is it possible to make it work again with masks?

No answers…. :/

Hello … is there anybody there???

Doesn’t work in cc19. “cannot connect to the server”. there is should be info that will say to people that the script doesn’t work with all the AE versions.

It is because envato changed API system, I sent new version for approving. Soon it will be available

DO NOT BUY! It will not work. It used to work but now once you buy and install it says “Cannot connect to the server”. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

It is because envato changed API system, I sent new version for approving. Soon it will be available

Thanks for updating. I’m now getting the error “Unable to execute script at line 314.”

I hope this update addresses the Unable to execute error, I had to remove it because it was conflicting with a lot of other scripts like Labels, ESL & TextEvo02!

I downloaded the latest update today (3/18/2020) and it just constantly hangs in AE2020. I can’t recommend anyone purchase this until the author posts an update that is actually stable and working.

I’ve tried using the latest version of this in AE2020 multiple times, using both the UI version and the “regular” version and all it does is bring up the “watch” icon and it freezes the application. I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to apply the script to the path of one basic shape layer and had to force quit the application and restart. It simply doesn’t work. I’d appreciate it if the author would issue a refund or an actually working update.

Doesn’t work in cc20. “cannot connect to the server”. Any idea about when this will be solved?

When i select a path i get -“this tree of properties doesn’t have a Patch property :(”....script does not work!

the script does not work :(

When will the update be available? The window with the “animate button” disappears after applying it to a layer… it’s so unconvenient.

Does this work yet?

I’ve installed this script, however I cannot get it to do anything as the ‘OK’ option is always greyed out. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Hey just wanted to join into the fun. Same issue here in AE 2020: - created text via texttool - created masks from text -selected a path from one of the letters - launched CurvascriptUI - hit Animate - error message “this tree of properties doesn’t have a Path property :(“

Its a shame this doesn’t work anymore, it was a great script, used it all the time to animate my text easily without messing around and having to keyframe splines

Any chance to dig into the script again? how did you get it to work?

Was so excited to get this. March 2021, After Effects CC2021 (Update to v18,0 just dropped), I suppose it won’t work? Can anyone confirm if the author is still active and the script isn’t completely abandoned? It’s among the most selled scripts on VH for AE, a shame to let this project go.

I can’t insert the license key… Help? It’s saying it can’t connect to the server. :’(


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Hey nigellus6, I think he must be dead.


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DON’T BUY THIS SCRIPT ANYMORE – IS DEAD!!! Activation Code cannot be activated, the server is dead. A shame for Envato that this is still online.

Please update. I removed product activation in March this year