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The template don't work with after effects cc 2017 and cc 2018 there are too defective expressions


Author response

All of the expressions work if you switch your language preferences to English. This is well documented in the project description, as well as the FAQ under the support tab.

It would have been helpful to reach out to me for support before giving the project a 1-star rating, and I could have solved this problem for you.

for Customer Support

Awesome support! If you are no AE pro (like me), you might find errors, you do not know how to fix quickly (e.g. expression errors, depending on the language of your AE version) and received the full work around tutorial within 6 (!!) minutes, plus later the day another email asking if I need more assistance.

Easy to understand and fixed the misconfiguration on my system within seconds and it works perfect.

The "countdown timer" is really great and already used in one of my videos. Very easy to configure and the videofile with additional information is well done and also great for beginners how to change colors or which setting you need for your individual configuration.

Today, where you find a lot of projects for every system, a great customer support is even more important than just the file - that will be a decision to buy the next file at taborcarlton too. Now I know, when I am not able to configure it correctly - there is a support to help me...

Thank you very much and waiting for your next great AE ideas...

P.S.: I can recommend everyone to install Adobe CC directly in English (also for Premiere, Photoshop, etc.) you will have a much better working flow and no problems with projects.

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