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Good work! Wish you many sales ;)

good work. Resolution is 1080×1920. Hmmm :)

Thanks for the nice comments!

Nice work NeuronFX!

Looks fresh, buyers must love it! Thanks for using of my music!

Great project. And nice music choise.

Awesome corporate look!

Thanks guys!

cool work, friend…!!;)


Will it be possible to have this rotate 6 times ?

The cube has 6 sides, I need it to rotate 6 times

Hi, yes the cubes has 6 sides. That said, it currently rotates 3 times as shown in the video preview. It can be rotated 6 times, but it needs some work, and some After Effects knowledge. If you are experienced in After Effects, you can modify it yourself.

If you’d like we also offer customisation services with a fee, if you would like to request a quote you can contact us through our profile page.

Thanks and regards, Stephan