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Need to adapt some parts of this and generate further lines and points… but the scripting is kinda deep and difficult to work around… can you give any advice on the scripts you used please ? Are these 3rd party ?

Hello! I used this simple script

Appreciated – thnx

Great Work!!!

Can you edit the colours of the details of the template? and lines easily?

Great work but I can’t find some mediaholder references like in the Scene 09, i make everything invisible and still there’s a mediaholder in the middle that i can’t select or find, how am i meant to find how to replace the content ? The other thing, i can’t edit the colors of the red line, whatever i do it stays red. I’m on the french version of AE CC2015.3

Ok, that’s great, i will do it. Thanks for the fast support.

I fix everything and sent to the review. I can send you a project-file right now, if you need one. Please tell me your email. Or write via the feedback form on my page

hey, thanks, it’s

hey, how can i change that black background into white? Thanks!

Hello! Unfortunately, this dark version, and a white background is not provided. But now I have made a separate light version. In next update, in archive will be added Connected_MultiScreen_Opener_Light.aep file. Today or tomorrow, after the Review, the update will be available. But I throw off it right now on your emails.

If I want to slow down all elements is that easy? I would like to purchase asp!

Hello! You can use the option Time Remapping (right-click Time > Enable Time Remmaping) for compositions with scenes to quickly slow down or speed up the necessary fragments of the scene.

Hi, Is this easily upscalable in 4K ?

Hello! This project is completely created in After Effects and it is technically possible to adapt it to the 4K resolution. However, you need to be ready to spend some time for this. You will need to increase size of comps for the scenes, zoom the camera, increase the size for the solids.

Ok thanks. The script you used will be adapted ?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to find the time to adapt this project to 4K, because it’s quite old and not very relevant for me.