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Wow very nice!!!

Cool! Does this include the original files of the program in which it was created? (for example After Effects or Apple Motion) Otherwise, are the animations, colors and duration customize-able, or are they all just 10 second fixed clips?

Hello! Project is not included, so yeah, they are not editable. However, you can use Hue/Lightness/Saturation or any color correction effect of your video editing software for basic color change.

Hello dear Watchme! :)

I really love this effects, and I bought it. But I can’t download it to 100%, I have tried many times now but during the download, the procent freeze. I have tried many times yesterday, but then went to sleep to try again today. And now the same thing happens? I have much memory on the computer so that is not the issue.. How can this be solved? :)

Really looking forward for an answer asap since I work on a project that need to be finish soon! All the best!

Hello, SkillTwins, and thank you for a purchase!

Sorry for inconveniences, I will send you an email with an alternative download link ASAP

Do you have these in 4k?

Hello! Actually, no, sorry! :(

These backgrounds looks very cool !!! Congratulations!

Hi, Baszz! Thank you a lot!

Hello Watchme,

For some reason I am unable to download the files. Can you email an different download link?

Thank You

Hello, Verticon!

Sorry for that, I’ve emailed you an alternative link, hope it works now!

How did you do the custom text?