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Hi! Love the template. I can’t seem to make it work for me thought and was hoping you could help. Here are my issues. Issue #1 My Sequence settings is set for 2K Anamorphic because thats what i shot on and it seems to be incompatible. Video is 1080p Issue # 2 I purchased it hoping to utilize it as a transition between between scenes, is it possible to utilize it in that manner? Thanks!


hell, please email me via my profile page. regards

How can I add more pages to this?

hello, please email me via my profile page. Thanks

I keep seeing a glitch with the logo at the end. I can see a shadow of the text over the building letters. If you need a screenshot of the issue, let me know.

please email me via my profile page and I will provide to you the solution. It is a AE issue with the shatter fx. Regards.

First of all this is OUTSTANDING WORK! Because of my lack of knowledge rendering using After Effects this project has been a nightmare. Output module errors stopped responding 3x after 8 hours into render. Finally changed a few output settings and it’s been rendering Over 43 Hours with no errors (knock on wood) Said 10 hours left at 1:00 AM – woke up at 7:00 AM and now it says 9 hours left. Did not realize it would take this long for this project. I am using a new iMac too.

Hello at first thanks for purchasing. It is a complex project with a bunch of fx’s in order to have the best visual appeal. Also, it has the Motion Blur activated… it increases a lot the render times. You can use the “prerendered version” and desactivate the “motion blur”. regards

Well I finally completed the project, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1JbcwAfwI0

Took me 3 days to get all my pictures and videos in to align properly then 5 days to Render it…a Nightmare – but I had my fingers crossed the whole time. The end result was fantastic. TY


Hola mi pregunta es la siguiente : Quiero saber si al comprar el “Comic Epic Promo”me serviría para editar varios vídeos o solamente sirve para un solo vídeo. espero su respuesta ya que estoy interesado en comprarlo.Gracias Saludos desde Perú.

Como puedo solucionar que siempre que renderizo me sale una capa de colores encima del video que acabo de editar

eso se produce porque algun asset está “missing” escribe “missing” en el buscador del proyecto. Relincalos y ya está.

Tienes instalado quicktime? Has descomprimido todo?

how do i open the app file? is there something i can download to activate this?

After Effects software

Amazing work. =) GuitarNation


Hi Abrial, I am a first time user of After Effects and I just purchased your Template which is great but do you have instructions


Hi. I’m having the same problem as others in regards to to logo in the end.. Please provide me with the solution.. I have already written through your profile page.. Its urgent…

And if anyone else has the solution I would be happy if you would help me.. Email me on am@eagleeyefoto.dk

take a look to your email please. regards

hello, i bought this trailer, it’s really good but i have some problems: some fonts are missing and in the start of the video i see tv error colors i can send the errors screenshot in email

hello, could you send me an email via my profile page. regards