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Good work!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I must agree being the stock footage author you have done tremendous job in your first AE work, Congrats

Thank you for your good words mate! Actually it’s a third project, first two simpler attempts were rejected last year. :-) Rejections were good motivation to improve. Hope to continue better now.


Thank you!

Wow, this is awesome!! I like the rotation that comes suddenly! I wish you many sales mate! :)

Thank you! Glad you like!

Hey Andrey nice work! Well done :)

Thank you Andrew!

outstanding stuff!

Thank you!

Good work! Good luck for you! :)

Thank you very much!

looking great! I really like the motion of the text moving with the clouds..amazing!

Thank you! Glad you like. :-)

Thank you!

Hi Andr…I purchased and have tried 6 times to download the zip. It stalls at around 230 mbs of the 998 mbs every time. Any ideas?

Hi neutron, thank you for purchase and I appologize for the issue with download you have. it’s first time for me to hear that. Looks like Envato servers experiencing some issues or there is issue with your Internet provider or computer.

I can recommend you try to reboot and attempt to download with other browser or wait some time before next try (hopefully Envato will fix the issue). If it’s not resolved as very last option I can upload file to some file sharing service but it will take time and not that convinient to do.

Best Regards, Andrey

Also as I see on forums other people recommend do not use download managers and use safary or firefox browser as best for downloads.

Hope this issue will be resolved soon.

Superb work. Really awesome. Also impressive music.

Thank you! I’m glade you like! :-)

are there segments missing from the .mov to the project file. Cant seem to find smaller text titles.

Hi rrosenbaum1 !

I’m not sure i understood the question. If you purchased and have any issue, i will be glad to help. There is also video tutorial in the package. If you just considering to buy i will also help.

Could you please add little bit more details to your question.

Best regards, Andrey

Thinking of purchasing. I’m assuming that I can adjust the timing of the AE project such as when the video rotates and the speed etc. (to sync with a project). The parameters on the description only refer to colour and lens flares etc.

Kerry Gordon

Hi Kerry, thank you for asking. In fact clouds movement/speed/rotation, etc are all fixed and prerendered into clouds mov file used. So it’s not so easy to change. You may do some time adjustments in AE with timewarp or twixtor plugins. Other changes are more difficult.

Before purchasing I would recomment you to download preview and try to cut as needed or change existing texts timings with timewarp or twixtor. If you find it feasible for your needs only then purchasing makes sence.

Best Regards, Andrey

Ok – makes sense since your font effect matches the cloud moves etc. I’ll see if I can get it to work with your suggestions. Nice work.

Thank you! And please don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions.

Ochen’ krutoy proekt!!! :)

Spasibo! :-)

best work!

Thank you!