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Good work! I love night version :-)

thanks ;)

Nice atmosphere. And the sound is perfect choise.


Cool project. It’s funny how the music takes on a whole different vibe according to whats being viewed. One version seems happy the other somehow darker, even though it’s the same song. IDK just found that interesting :)

what you say is true. Thanks ;)

good idea nice work the4logo :)

Thank you guys :)

I wanted to come on and say that this is a great file.

I’ve just started using After Effects and haven’t got the most powerful machine (8gb PC), but I had this created in about a minute and rendered in just 34 seconds.

With a company name of Moonworks Publishing, I couldn’t have hoped for a file that fit our name any better :) Great job.

Oh perfect :D When you want, if you need i’m here to help you :)

One part of my job is marketing, and I’ve noticed you’ve done something that most other VH authors are not doing, and that’s to use your own video in the following item:

It makes sense to do that as it shows what else you have to offer, pretty much advertising everything else as well as the item itself.

Ehehe thanks friend :) I really appreciate your words :) especially since you are an expert in the field..

Your comments are motivating me to improve! Thank you very much!

I’m here if you need something else