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Very nice))

Wow! So simple?=) Very nice work!

Nice Work!

Cool project!

Hi, really like this, can you help me customize it with my logo?

Very cool work and nice design! :) I wish you all the best for your sales! ;)

Hi i have purchaced and download the project but when i open it i can see only one type of logo reveal (the green one) , please advise

Never mind i figure it out

Good! If you still have questions please contact me using my profile page

Purchased this for the initial feature of the round logo dropping and bouncing. Unfortunately it appears that this is just a promo for the developer and not part of the purchase. Little misleading since you expect to get what you see. Live and learn

Yes me too, just bought it. I also bought this because of the first round dropping and bouncing logo. Any chance to give me something similar to that?


I find it hard to find where i can change the rolling logo template to facebook or twitter one?

It’s resolved, thanks! Maybe good to add in the manual :)