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Hi, I have the same question as above i.e. i need to add more scene but it duplicates the contents of the scene I copies from even though I deleted the media. Would really appreciate the help. B

Hi! How many scenes do you need?

About 40. Is that possible?

Yes.Could you email me through my profile page so i can send you the instructions.

Hi there. Very nice work. I need total of 54 scene, each with one photo or video. When i try to add more scene, duplicate the number 16 for example, i find a duplicate image even if i import the correct sequence in media like suggest in video tutorial. How can i add scenes without duplicate? Thanks in advance M.

Problem solved.

Sorry I thought your clean slide Loop!

Oh okay :) Yes it works with German After Effects.

hello, is the wedding album AE project compatible with German AE??

hello, i don’t have a wedding album project.

Fantastic product and even better customer service!!

Thanks for the feedback :)

Can you let me know how I can resize it to 720×480?

Create a new composition sized 720×480 – bring the “Final Composition” in here,scale it down and render :)

All new to AE – but love this template! One thing though: Can you tell me how to expand the duration of the scenes. I only need to scenes in my slideshow – but need them to last longer. How do I do that?

Well..changing the duration of the scenes of a template is not a simple task.

First off you will need to change the duration of your “Media 1” – Composition.So open that up and go to “Composition -> Composition Settings” and from the bottom set the duration to what you want.

Next up open up the “Scene 1” – Composition,and also set the duration there.All the layers will get cut off in the middle so make sure to drag the ending points all the way to the end.

Now you also need to adjust the rotation of the screen,so open up the rotation properties of the “Media” layer and drag the 2 last keyframes all the way to the end.

Finally you need to go to the “Final Composition” and drag the “Scene 1” layer to fill the empty space,and line it up properly with the next scenes.

This is a good looking template. Not too ‘flashy’ but very elegant. I added a few more scenes and put in 10 sec, long video clips. Render was quick and it looks very nice. Included video tutorial is much appreciated. Worth every dollar I paid.

Thank you uniquefx for creating this.

Thank you for the purchase and feedback!

Very useful indeed!




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