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Wow! Great work!

Very Nice Work!

Beautiful Project! :-)

Good work!

Looks very nice!

That’s cool, and really nice idea! Sure u’ll get tons of sales with this item, Ulyana! :D Good luck ;)

Regards, Amir :grin:

Nice channel, dood!

thanks, hope this link is no drama :D

There’s a problem. The enclosed CS6 file is not really CS6 but version 12, so you can’t open the file unless you have a CC version of After Effects. You probably exported the file as CC by mistake. Please fix that and update ASAP.

Already bought another video, please refund me. thank you.

Like it! Very nice work! :)

Wow! Great work! I liked it. :)

Great work, but I need help with formatting my logo. Can you assist?

Sure! Please contact me via my profile page

is it possible to take off all of those slices? but keep the “bend-ish” animation?

I did not envisage this possibility

Hi there – is is possible to get this for old CS6? (like the guy above i cant open it! ) Cheers! J “The enclosed CS6 file is not really CS6 but version 12”

Please text me on the email I will try to help you