Main Futures:
- CS4 , CS5 compatible
- Full HD resolution 1080p
- Fully changeable
- No additional plugin needed
- 3 different version included (metal, stone and image based)
- sfx sound included

“CLASH” project is created entirely in AE. I try to create in AE something similar to all those great shatter revealer created with usage of 3D applications. So I use great shatter effect effect once again, and I must tell you, it is truly remarkable effect.
Except small dust particles, behind the logo, everything was created in AE so everything can be fully customize. I even create two different version of background clouds (whiter and darker) so it can be used to fit to your logo colors.

I include simple read me file that explain easy process of customization.

The flares and particles comes from Videocopilot’s Optical flares and Trapcode Particular but I included the pre-rendered version in the file so YOU DON ’T NEED ANY PLUGINS.
Sfx sound is included.

RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION : i7 processor, 16GB RAM . Render time with recommended configuration approximately 5 hours.

Please check my other files in my portfolio and follow me on VideoHive. Additional info about all of our project along with tutorial section about easy customization of purchased project you can find on

From recent, we reduce our price for customization of all our projects.

• Now, the price for customization is the same as the price for the template. If you want to hire us to customize the project and you already pay, for example, 25$ for the template, the cost of our customization service would also be 25$.
• Contact us at and we will give you all the additional information you need or check our site You can find more customization info, short and useful basic customization tutorials in our tutorials section, and some problems issues resolving in our support section.