Circle Logo

Circle Logo

Circle Logo project is very simple After Effects template, it is an excellent mini video commercials for the bank! Just replace the logo, Replace or remove placeholder, retype your text and render it in the resolution you want:

Render HD 1080 29.97
Render HD 1080 25
Render HD 720 29.97
Render HD 720 25
Render SD PAL D1 Widescreen
Render SD NTSC D1 Widescreen
Render SD PAL D1
Render SD NTSC D1
  • The Logo animation is 12 seconds long.
  • One placeholder!
  • You can change the background color and the color of the circles!
  • Compatible with After Effects CS3 and above.
  • Fast rendering.
  • Bonus Credit Card Layered = Placeholder 01.psd

The music track is not included but you can buy this amazing audio track by Cyrilll_Luzin here:

If you have some questions, please contact me on e-mail, through my profile page.

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