Discussion on Cinematic Logo

Discussion on Cinematic Logo

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Looks great!!! :)

Thank you :)

Very nice project, good sale wish :)

Thank you.

Looks vry cool!


Great work!

Thank you.

congratulations! very cool ;)

Thanks a million.

Congratulations :D Great work

Thanks so kind of u. :)

wow it’s anazing mate. cong ;)

Thanks bro!

Perfect work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Looks great! Good luck with sales!...

Thanks bro! :)

Thank you bro! :)

Hello! I purchased this project. Very happy. Scene 4 doesn’t seem to work with element.

I tried again, it is working fine. Please check the Help document again. Use General Controls in Main Comp. If it doesn’t work send me the screenshot of the error. “”

My mistake! All good!

and again very clearly.. you are a master

Thank you!

I just bought the file and want to use it with AE CC. The “REPLACE_LOGO” is missing in my file. Where can I find it?

You dont need to replace logo file. Please double click project panel and take(import) your logo. Drop your “LOGO_HERE” comp. Please check your help file. Contact with me via “”

Worked. Thanks :) Great template by the way. I love it

I will be happy if you can give 5 stars this project. :) Thank you!

My client purchased this. I went to render it for him. The controller doesn’t seem to be applied to anything.

I think people should know that you cannot change the color of the scenes other than maybe the final scene where your real logo comes out?

If you want to change the colors you have to go into each scene, edit the materials of the Element3d layer. Otherwise blue and purple is the only colors any of the 3d layers will be.Just make sure to note the materials you use so you can keep them consistent through the project.

But what I’m not understanding is the point of the controller at all. For one the ‘help file’ says there’s a controller in every scene comp, there isn’t. there is only one ‘Controller’ layer in the project I found that’s in the ‘main_comp’ and as far as I can tell it doesn’t change anything on the final logo.

in fact, I found that the logo comp even changes the hue of your log, so i had to manually adjust a style I applied. otherwise I couldn’t change the color and it didn’t match the original colors.

confusing a bit.

Hello.Your suggestion is important for me. Thank you.

Thanks you so much! :)