Discussion on Chart Builder

Discussion on Chart Builder

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I bought this from you. can I change the sclae- 0 – 500 instead of 0 – 100 for example?

hmm, I already purchased this builder, but it doesn’t work with the german AE version. Please tell the community before that it is only working with the english version of Adobe After Effects

I found every thing, switched AE to english… every thing is working fine… many thanks

tombnde, first of all i want to say thank you for purchse

the second: envato is worldwide site so all authors works in english version, because it`s like a default language all over the world

hello, i would like to buy this item, but I am not sure if it works with CC2014

i`m not sure too

is it possible to add more value than 100 in arrow (arrow template), and to do it, and how to duplicate layer and add different values, because I duplicate layer but I have same values in both layer with out way to change.Please help.Thanks

of course you can, all you have to do is to add multiplier coefficient in text expression

All templates last three seconds as they extend to ten? Thanks in advance

i`m not shure but i think it can, you can try to use retiming or just extend composition and layer length and of course animation keyfrrames

what is parametrs for ? thanks

good day, mail me with detailed description of your question, attached screenshots and i`ll try to help you

Hi, before buy: Iis possible change the background? or export graphics in alpha?. Thanks

i saw that you`ve already bought. You might use your image or video as background. And of course you can solo proper layers and output them with alpha.

To change charts size do i have to edit the bars or can I just change a number value to make it happen ?

I m not Good at AE so it s that easy ?

there is a video instruction in package, so i think there should be no problems

Awesome! I wish you good luck and more sales! ;)

Hi, I’ve watched the video tutorials for this template and i still hace a major question. I need to use specific numbers instead of percentages without losing the relation between numbers and bar lenghts. How do i do that?.

I mean, that 100% must be like 2,400 not percentage but the number, and the other bars must have different quantities and to correspond with the scale.

Thanks in advance.

In the purchased package – comps of 3D with animation, the camera animation is not configured while it is available in your template review video (in template review video check sec 57)

Please help how to make that camera animation as it appears in the review.

partly solved in e-mail conversation

Hello, in the bar charts, does it the bars moves up and down depending on their values, like the brands video?