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Awesome work !!

excellent work!!

Nice Package! Wish You All The Best!

Brilliant stuff

really nice look… well done

Can the logo on the cube be replaced with a video? Thanks!

Hi, Yes you can!

Hi, I just downloaded the package, but when I open it in AE CC2015 (Mac), The project is empty, with 176 errors… Nothing works. What do I do ?

Try to re-download the file in a new destination. Open the universalizer version.


Awesome project and work, keep going. I’ve only one issue, how to add more than 3 Promo Text Placeholder in Promo Composition.



Thanks for purchasing the template. It is too complicated to add more than 3 videos with text on promo. The best way is to make the promo twice with different videos and text and then merge it on an editing program.


How can I increase the time that the info square stays on the screen for example in the “Next small” precomp, I want the square to remain for 30 seconds before spinning out of the screen again….. I cannot customise any durations in the composition..please help.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing. Use time remapping outside of the comp.

Awesome. May I ask where the demo video is coming from? Is that stock? Where can I find it? Thank you!

Hi, thanks! At the end of the description there is a link.

Hello, I would love to purchase your product, however I have one question to the Controller Features. Can I change all the colours the way I want or do I have to choose from those 3 given color options? I need to use our branding colours and 3 options are not enough. Please let us know. Thank you

Hi, yes you are able to change all colours manually. Otherwise you change the 3 colours and 2 colours for the text. Thanks

Friend, I wish you great sales and positive mood! ;)

Can you make each side of the cube a different color

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Yes you can.


Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please define “delete” in order to understand your issue. Thanks.